Monday, December 28, 2009

MiMi's Tinkerbell/Garden Bedroom Make Over, Part I

Do you remember MiMi's room before? Lots of tinkerbell. Possibly even TOO much tinkerbell. Too much tinkerbell = commercialized and bleh.

Granted it's a lot cuter than what I had as a kid..

It still is not what I wanted MiMi's room to look like. It wasn't the cute little garden retreat with a dash of tinkerbell in it that I had envisioned sooo long ago. (Yeah I do a lot of envisioning but with no money I do a ton of budgeting and waiting to do something I want).

And so when I was at bed bath and beyond the other day, contemplating what I could get with my $75 worth of gift cards, I decided I'd rather buy a bigger item to use the 20% off coupon as opposed to a bunch of towels and not saving big.

I rumaged through comforters galore, NOTHING under 60 bucks for a single comforter. some were even 200! GAH, NO!!

Then I found the kids linens and was ecstatic to see a 16 piece full room in a bag for only 129 bucks!
Madison Room-in-a-Bag

no way?! It had TWO sheet sets of (fitted, flat and pillow cases). TWO gorgeous shams, ONE huge fluffy comfortable comforter, two window valances and TWO cutie pie decorative pillows. mm hmm, I so bought it!

Then today my ideas started to flow.

I took down the ugly old wooden curtain rods and settings and spray painted and distressed them in antique white.

I put up all her bedding and some lanterns.

I also took the cute tinkerbell ornament my inlaws gave mimi (it was too cute; I dare not stash it away for ONLY the tree, once a year) and I went to wal mart and found this cute bronze lantern on sale for ten bucks and put tink in it..

Tomorrow I am heading off to lowes to buy a section of picket fence and make that her headboard.

Then this weekend I am going to sand and finish a dresser I have for her. I can NOT wait to have this all done! i am in love with it!! hehe.

We have been making over our 65 rancher slowly and steadily since we purchased it in 2004..and it's been a slow process but it's almost done:)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just a few more bows and things.

Just a quick update: We will be heading back to UNC Children's Hospital for Ethan's follow up next month. But I think Dr. Bukowski did an amazing job for Ethan. We were very lucky to have been given the time of day by him when no other pediatric urologist around would see him. To include the ONLY one in Fayetteville. He is a God Send! Right now Ethan is on a 10 day biotic for a respiratory infection. Man, this poor little guy has been through enough the last couple of months it seems..

Anyway, here are a few more bows I made from my cardstock value pack I had bought at joanne's YEARS ago..finally glad I could put them to some use;)

And here is a cute snowman family handprint ornament my daughter made. (acrylic paint and sharpie paint pen). simple and cute! I've seen way cuter ones online, but we are always so plain jane it seems.

Lastly, I just wanted so share a few of the children's ornaments that hang on our tree:

Ethan's First OrnamentMiMi's First Ornament (well one of many)
Parent's to be ornament <3 id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5418149104088455586" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 240px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 320px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">MiMi with the above ornament:
An ornament from her g/ma and g/pa

(we were big on carebears when she was a baby)
Her my little pony ornament:
Another carebear for the little girl who loves 'em!

Another baby's first ornament from my parents to Ethan:
Decorating the tree:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just a random blog

I seldom blog about myself or my anyway..

So why not?
Yesterday we finally put up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Yep, the good old 6.5 foot fake tree we snagged at 75% off at Wal Mart the year of the day after my daughter's first Christmas in 05. mm hmm. I liked that kind of special!:)

She's been a kind of staple in our home every Christmas..
Wait..did I say every Christmas? Well, except for the one Christmas we had unwelcomed house guests (fleas) and we had EVERYTHING cleaned and put up during our terminix fogging. (dreaded things!)
Otherwise though she's served her purpose well, MiMi loves the fake tree, she doesn't shed, she doesn't require me to lug her to the lawn the next morning and she looks half ass decent, wouldn't ya say?
Sure I like the smell of a real tree, but nothing a good old yankee candle can't fix:) haha..seriously.
And this Christmas will be Ethan's first and I am excited about that.
Granted we are road tripping to Georgia to see Doug's family this Christmas, we still intend to do one here on the 23rd with the children and my parents. After all, I like to make first memories in my home. It's a tiny little 65 rancher and most people wouldn't give it a second look, but we've put a lot of work into her and she's becoming our home and I love it more each day (except for when things break then I curse the day we ever bought it).
So yes, procrastinator, I am but the tree is finally up and we finished the little one's Christmas presents yesterday, and surprisingly the stores were not bad like I had prepared myself for.

Thank GOD for a credit card is all I can say, but thankfully the tax return next year will pay it off.
Have a Merry Christmas // Happy Holidays everyone!! I'll share some photos sometime when we get back after the New Years:)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

DIY Photo Tutorial: Card Stock Paper Gift Bows

DIY PHOTO TUTORIAL: Card Stock Paper Bows..

Materials Needed:
* Glue Gun//or//Stapler
* One piece of card stock or scrap book, etc paper
* Scissors
Step One: Cut 9 Strips of Paper Full Cardstock Length.

*Leave 3 piece the full length
* Trim off 1 inch off of 3 of the pieces
* Trim 2 inches off of 2 of the pieces
* Cut the last piece of paper so that it is only 3.5 inches long

Start by folding each strip in half:
Dab some hot glue on the back of the folded piece in the center.
Twist one end over so that it will meet the dab of hot glue, add another dab of hot glue atop that piece then twist the other end in the opposite direction and secure it.

For the smallest piece, make a circle, they should look like this when you are done prepping for your bow: Finally start layering the pieces as pictured from largest to smallest:

The final piece in the center will be the rounded piece. In the end you get a cute and textured cardstock bow:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


DIY Frosted Glass Baby Food Jar Tea Light/Votive Candle Holders:
I waited a few days before I posted these because I wanted to make sure they held up well. If you are like me and have TONS of baby food jars after your mini one eats, you probably like to recycle them or find some use for them besides the dumpster, right?? How about making one of these beauties??
I chose a dragonfly because I am obsessed with them (you should see my living room)..
First you will need to gather the following materials:

* 1 can of Valspar Frosting Spray (or another frosting spray) $4 at Lowes
* 1 (or more) empty cleaned and dry GLASS baby food jars
* 1 (or more) sheet(s) of regular old stickers (found mine for 65 cent in the greeting card isle of wal mart
* 1 tea light candle or small votive

Next Step: Place a sticker of your liking somewhere on your baby food jar, or more than one if you want or if you have a larger jar (per say a mason jar):
VERY IMPORTANT: Spray this jar facing DOWN!! You DO NOT want to get the frosting spray inside the jar (I did the first time and it was a mess cleaning it out). So spray it facing down, 1 or 2 or more coats, whatever you fancy. Let it dry a little before applying more than one coat, after your final coat of spray let it dry over night:
They will look like this:
PEEL off the stickers (carefully) if you happened to spray inside the jar (as you can see on one of mine) just clean it out with a paper down or a finger nail, or whatever gets the job done really..and the end result is a beautiful tea light / votive candle holder as seen on the top entry of my page! Since these are so itty bitty I couldn't get a good photo of them illuminating in the dark, but trust me it's CUTE:) and CHEAP and FUN! And they make a cute little stocking stuffer as well with one of your favorite scented mini candles;) Additionally if you so desire you can spray paint the lids a color of choice or wrap a ribbon around them to doll them up:)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

UGLY CEILING FAN/CABINET PULLS/ PHOTO REVAMP: Rust-oleum Revamp Party @ Shanty2Chic!

I love the ladies @ Shanty2Chic, and when I recently saw they had a Rust-Oleum Revamp Party, I had to jump in and share the ceiling fan make over I did a month ago.
First thing's first, visit the party to see what's going on:
Shanty 2 Chic

Now onto my project:
We had this ugly 90's colored brass ceiling fan, we are also parents of two and on a very limited budget (meaning we can't even afford a nice $60 new ceiling fan).
We were browsing the local Lowe's and I picked up this little dime piece (Rust-Oleum's Metallic oil rubbed bronze). I also picked up a can of frosted glass for my ugly globes. Sadly I did not see any in the Rust-Oleum brand).First I took the brass pieces apart and cleaned them really well and let them air dry (no sanding or primer needed):
I then sprayed the pieces down with a total of 3 coats over a 24 hour period to allow the paint to cure:

The rest is history, I took that hideous ceiling fan and made it look beautiful for under 8 bucks. THANKS RUST-OLEUM, I can't wait to re do my other uglies in your wonderful spray paint!:)
I also redid these cabinet pulls within the last month as well:

With the year we had and Ethan recently having his surgery this past Monday at UNC children's hospital, we needed to save every dime we could, so we were thankful that there was a product out there that could give some of our home's ugly little things a nice face lift. This won't be the last time I use this product!

:::Added 7 December:::

Well my images came in today!! yaaay!! they printed on the money with the color also! I was shocked since I skimped and used snapfish instead of one of the higher end print companies like I usually use. I have got to tell you the last few times I have used mpix they screwed my colors up and I swore them off. My red would be purples and my hot pinks magents (EW). I'd print the same photo at another lab and it was just fine.

I printed ALL my Christmas photos for family & friends and got 35% off AND free shipping, HECK YES:) Oh but back to my redo...

I had this UGLY freaking picture my dad bought me in 2004, I NEVER hung it up it's SO not my style and I am not really into the whole 'amazing grace' thing. NO OFFENSE if you are:) It just doesn't go w/ the things I anyway here's the before:

I had a field day disassembling this bad boy:

Broke out my Rust-Oleum, Brilliant Metallics ORB:

Sprayed that bad boy DOWN!!

While that dried I flipped the old picture backwards and matted the photos I took two weekends ago of my little ones:

And when it was dry to the touch (which wasn't long and because I am totally impatient..) I rematted and added the glass:

I love it but have no idea where to hang it, maybe my red den? maybe my living room? although my golden walls might not look good with black..maybe I'll add a coat of white and distress it?? what do you think?

Here's a size comparison (ignore the blur, I had it set for my night flash and it blurred up):