Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY: How to Clean Suede / Faux Suede Gymboree Boots !!

So, if you're like me, you (or your children) own a pair of suede or faux suede boots.  For me, personally, suede and I don't much get along. I do, however LOVE to buy the Gymboree boots for my daughter. I couldn't tell you if it's legit suede or not, but it looks and feels the part - even leaves behind the horrible water stains genuine suede does. BOO! Such a mess!

Before you think you have ruined those children's shoes (or your own for that matter), DON'T toss them, let's clean them up and make them good as new!!

Here's what you need:

* 1 bowl or measuring cup
* 1 tablespoon of regular TIDE
* 1 old tooth brush
* 2 cups of HOT water
* 1 towel to lay wet boots on
* YOUR FILTHY water stained suede
* some elbow grease ;))

So basically you're going to put a tablespoon of TIDE into a bowl or measuring cup, put about 2-4 cups of HOT water in and mix it up with an old tooth brush.  Lay down a towel  and dip the tooth brush into the mixture, work the ENTIRE boot (to make sure it's an even clean) and use circular cleaning motions. Keep dipping the tooth brush and pay extra attention to the stained areas.

Once you have cleaned the entire shoe/boot take the towel and rub the boot circular motions lightly. Lay the shoe ontop of the towel to air dry.

Once the shoe is completely dry the water stains and dirt will be completely removed :)) Good luck!!