Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas is fast approaching..

Leave it to me to not only neglect my blog, but also taking my own children's photos:)

Anyway, I finally made time outside of my second job in order to get them done:) Here's just a couple:)

I love these kids!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Living Room Updates

Please ignore my half "rear" attempts at photos inside the house. I finally did an over the sofa wall and I semi decorated for fall (all be it I am posting after Halloween)..Thanksgiving is around the corner, so I'd like to think I am still okay;)

(Below: I used an old nursery wall hanging plaque and painted it with chalkboard paint, cute refurbish!)

(Below: I made that book page wreath out of a hanger and old pages, nothing more) :)

I'd been spying pinterest and have wanted those cute large striped curtains I have seen on a few blogs. Most were hand made. BEAUTIFUL. Of course, no retailer makes them, and people on etsy want $100 or more per panel (I know it's worth it, but I am beyond paycheck/paycheck living right about now). ;) I decided it'd be worth my patience to just spend $39 for the alternative: A west elm shower curtain.  I'll hang them later but I think it will look great in my silvery sage living room :)

*UPDATE: here's one of the panels, sorry for the crummy cell phone quality, but I love it - I should have ironed it, but I'm too lazy).

I only bought one panel and will probably purchase the other sometime around next pay period, then I'll take a photo, but if you type in west elm shower curtain in pinterest, you'll get the idea;) It will look great:)

*EDIT: 3 January 2013: A Photo of the West Elm shower curtains during Christmas:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Outdoor Chalkboard

I decided on this boring Sunday, that I'd let the kids have at an old broken picture frame. I've had it for years and it never fit my decor (at all). At some point the glass broke but I liked the frame too much to throw it out.

8 years later, I decided I'd take the picture, flip it around, let the kids have at it with chalkboard paint, and the rest is history :)  It's cute!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Random Updates..

I decided, I'd drop a few random updates. You know, my obligatory, "hey, folks, I rarely blog, despite the title of my blog", posting.

So let's do a recap, and since I haven't made this much a personal blogging (blog) of sorts, and my grammar and spelling, etc. aren't exactly on point, let's have a go at it, shall we? ;)

(Really, I need an editor, I'm sure someone much younger than I would do better at this).

Where to start? So, as many of you know I am now in the dirty 30's club.

My youth has escaped me through my 20's and years of being a "mom". Just mom, not much else, "Mom".  I feel I devoted my 20's to raising my two children (still raising), and it left me with no social life or much else. - I should clarify, that I am perfectly content with that.

So having only done side jobs in photography for the last 8 years of being "mom", I finally decided with BOTH children in school, it was high time for me to seek some form or employment other than photography.

Where does one start?

I'm all to sure my dry resume would look less than appealing to most employers. I mean, a smile and personality only gets you so far;) (shh, don't tell me that)!

Long story short, I've decided to partake in a part time job, while my kids are in school. Basically this means my only available hours are 9-2, and thankfully I was able to obtain a job that would allow me those hours (sometimes less). I couldn't be more thankful.

It's not much money, but it's money.

It allows me to regain a social surrounding by being upfront with customers daily.

And while it may not be the "best" job in the world, it's a JOB and even if I am 30 working a small part time job, I am PROUD, after all, the employment pool these days looks empty, it's almost erroneous to jump in with out water, however, I took the plunge.

It's kind of weird staring over at 30. Thirty, two children, starting from scratch.

With God on my side, I know we'll get by just fine :)

Ethan is in speech therapy now, and he's doing wonderful. He seems to enjoy Pre K, and that makes my heart smile. MiMi is struggling a little in math, but with the school system here not sending home math home work, and us parents not receiving news letters or updates on what they are learning, it's hard as a parent to teach and help. The few times she has gotten math home work, I have to admit, I've had to turn to youtube or google for a refresher. - It's crazy what you forget over the years.

Or how fast kids these days are made to learn and move on. It seemed we all did better when we were able to gradually grasp the concept of patterns and numbers to truly understand math before letting us swallow us whole with out fully comprehending exactly what was going on.

Math, you never were a friend of mine ;)

I pray I am able to find time to get some Halloween & Fall Crafts ready for my readers (all 41 of you).

Be blessed!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

DIY: How to Clean Suede / Faux Suede Gymboree Boots !!

So, if you're like me, you (or your children) own a pair of suede or faux suede boots.  For me, personally, suede and I don't much get along. I do, however LOVE to buy the Gymboree boots for my daughter. I couldn't tell you if it's legit suede or not, but it looks and feels the part - even leaves behind the horrible water stains genuine suede does. BOO! Such a mess!

Before you think you have ruined those children's shoes (or your own for that matter), DON'T toss them, let's clean them up and make them good as new!!

Here's what you need:

* 1 bowl or measuring cup
* 1 tablespoon of regular TIDE
* 1 old tooth brush
* 2 cups of HOT water
* 1 towel to lay wet boots on
* YOUR FILTHY water stained suede
* some elbow grease ;))

So basically you're going to put a tablespoon of TIDE into a bowl or measuring cup, put about 2-4 cups of HOT water in and mix it up with an old tooth brush.  Lay down a towel  and dip the tooth brush into the mixture, work the ENTIRE boot (to make sure it's an even clean) and use circular cleaning motions. Keep dipping the tooth brush and pay extra attention to the stained areas.

Once you have cleaned the entire shoe/boot take the towel and rub the boot circular motions lightly. Lay the shoe ontop of the towel to air dry.

Once the shoe is completely dry the water stains and dirt will be completely removed :)) Good luck!!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adios Ripe Wheat Walls, HELLO, Calm & Serene!

(Above: After images)

When I first bought my house, almost 10 years ago, I splurged and bought 5 gallons of Behr's Ripe Wheat.

Now, I know what you're thinking; FIVE GALLONS?!

Yes, it was the first time I EVER painted. EVER.

Little did I know a whole gallon would have plenty done the trick.

But for 8 years, I've literally been in a love/hate relationship with the Ripe Wheat walls. Sure, they were beautiful, primarily in Christmas when I had  a rustic Christmas theme going, however, they just were NOT me.

So a few months ago, I took myself to Lowe's and purchased a new color, it's beautiful!

I can best describe it as a silvery sage color but VERY neutral. It's just..


So here are the befores (gag):

(Below: Clearly, MUCH older pictures of my home,
my hardwoods actually looked decent).
 (Below: Picture was I'd say 4 years old judging from Ethan's infant bouncer,
I've since painted the entertainment center white).

 And, now for the during/afters :)) These are mostly cell images (sorry, I'll get it together one day)

AND the big after: I think I am going for a coastal cottage theme.
I purchased the Beach Sign at a local craft store, my hallway has my book page wreat I made and the lower picture shows the transition between colors. The curtians are NOT mine, but it's what I want in there. Currently I just have white sailcloth drapes. I will keep hints of vintage reds and minimal oranges alogn with coastal colors. I'll be sure to post more once I have it complete.

Birthday Portraits; My babies aren't babies anymore :(

I try not to make my blog too personal, and shy away from posts about my children, however, I just don't have the energy or time to invest in a "family based" blog, and so I am going to just keep to my original blogging platform and include my children in here as well. Besides, what fun is a blog with out a little bit of personality to it?

It has probably been a good while since I've posted photos of my children. MiMi turned 8 in March and Ethan turned 4 in April.  Both have grown so much since I started this blog venture.

I typically like to do outdoor photos, but decided I would have a hand at some indoor ones and since I was lazy, and didn't want to invest too much time into doing my own images, I stuck with my itty bitty studio kit and made the images simple with nothing more than a white backdrop, a number from Hobby Lobby and a bundle of balloons for the little misses.

Children grow FAST, enjoy it! :)) God has certainly blessed me.