Thursday, October 22, 2009

Custom fall tutu dress for a friend's daughter

Here is a custom fall tutu dress I did for a friend's 8 year old daughter. I will be photographing her in it within the coming weeks. I LOVE how this one turned out! I'll have to post a tutu dress tutorial later for those intersted in making one for their own daughter or friends, and hey with the holidays coming they make cute gifts for the little girls in your life:)

Halloween Costume I made MiMi!

Halloween is coming up way too soon. We're a little strapped for cash around this time, and all the cute Halloween costumes are near 50 bucks (I'm way too frugal to spend that kind of cash on a one time affair to swindle candy from neighbors).
So I took to ordering 200 yards of tulle, some some ribbon for 20 bucks and I bought a 5 dollar add on tiger kit from wal mart. (The ears/tail).
I had been dying to make another tutu dress for a while now and so I put together this costume for MiMi in under 2 hours. (It's light orange, black and chocolate brown - which appears more of a clay red by the way).