Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Jersey Wedding..

We arrived in Hazlet around 5 am Thursday morning. Our hotel was the Mariot Courtyard, in Parsippany, New Jersey off highway 46. Check in wasn't until 3 pm, however. We stayed with family in Hazlet, which was really nice and we road tripped it to Parsippany about 1. We made check in time and I must say..

I WAS IMPRESSED. This was the cleanest hotel I have been too, EVER. It smelled nice, it was immaculate and we were on the first floor with a french door courtyard view. The grounds were clean and gorgeous blooms were scattered throughout the court yard. The water pressure (big plus) in the shower was on point, (I love steam showers). And the bed?? SO SO SO comfy.

For the first time in 8 years I have woke up with out a back ache. I have insomnia (no lie, I stay up till 2 am - or later, nightly, only to wake up at 6:30 or 7 am daily). When my head hit the pillow that night in the hotel, I don't even remember falling asleep. I woke at at 4 am with the tv still on. - I missed Jersey Shore that night :) lol.

Everything with the wedding was all a blur. Being out of state, we did not have a sitter for our son for the actual event so we were seated in the very back, and didn't see the actual wedding so well because we were busy bribing our son with dorritos so he wouldn't act up. (That and the camera and videographers blocked view) THANK THE LORD, he was on his best behaviour and didn't make a peep. He was too busy stacking the bibles from the pews.
Some how we ended up being the last people to leave the church and no one said bye to us. So we had no idea photos were to proceed the wedding at the reception. We saw them taking them at the church and assumed the accidently left our daughter out. So I took a few of her outside, but had my bad camera so, didn't get such great shots (cries).
At some point driving back to Parsippany from a gorgeous stone faced church in Mahwah, New Jersey, the kids needed food and I ended up getting something all over my dress pants. (my luck).

I have never honestly been to a wedding before (well, minus a military wedding once as a 12 year old).

 It was very fancy and very beautiful and I enjoyed seeing my cousin and his gorgeous bride on their day.

I only wish someone had told us that photos were going to be done at the reception also.
I managed a few photos with my not so good camera. I will cross my fingers family took some.

Being in the very last isle, I didn't even snap a picture of MiMi walking down the isle.

Saturday morning we checked out of our hotel and went back to Hazlet. We bought a lot of bagels (because you just can't get bagels in the south like you can in Jersey). And I contemplated stalking out the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights (I have gone there every year as a teen when we visited our family, so it was cool to see it on a tv show).

I know what you are thinking - it is disturbing a 28 year old mother is in love with that show. I can't help it - it is one of my guilty pleasures:)

I will probably have some more photos to share later. But didn't want to do an overkill. I hope everyone had and has an enjoyable week:)

Monday, September 5, 2011

60's dresser for Sock Monkey Room is COMPLETED:)

Remember this family hand me down??

She is now stained Bombay Mahogany to match the bed. I wish I could get a good picture of it, but the fact is the camera flash over exposes and does it no justice. It is an espresso color with a slight tint of red. It's great!

Now to finish decorating ....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Partial Sock Monkey Bedroom Reveal :)

ooooh, this post has been a long time in the making, BUT the toddler farmhouse bed (build plans courtesy of ana-white.com) is finally COMPLETE!!!

After building, and my finally putting the last coat of miniwax stain on last night, she's DONE!!! BEAUTIFUL!! (or I should say "he" -it's for my son). The stain is Bombay Mahogany (gloss) by polyshades/miniwax. It's red during it's first coat, but with a THICK second coat it's espresso  with a thing of red. It's seriously the most beautiful shade of stain I have seen, EVER :) It's also easy to work with. (do not be discouraged by the first coat, it will throw you off) after the second application a week later you will be in awe! It's a wonderful product to work with! I like it better than paint actually. I love that this has a built in poly gloss with the stain. EASY, EASY, EASY!!

His room has been a budget design - $60 in lumber and supplies, already had the polyshades miniwax stain on hand, bought the bedding (duvet, fitted sheet and duvet cover) for $60 marked down from $110, and made the other pillows myself. My son will be in SOCK MONKEY HEAVEN!!

Just wait until I show you the 60's dresser I have redone, it's looking brand new and modern all over again!! LOVE!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slow progress is picking up!

Okay, the 60's dresser family hand me down I was refinishing? SUCESSSSS!

And this has taken way longer than it should have. I mean, I always start projects in the midst of another, so I blame my need to multi task on that.

Anyway, this is the second coat of stain on both dresser & toddler farmhouse bed.

The stain is Bombay Mahogany by Poly shades Miniwax.

Initially it was red, but a nice red. After a thick second coat, she's bright glossy espresso with a hint of red ting. FREAKING GORGEOUS!! love, love, love this color!

Now that my lungs burn and I had stain my my hair and face (not sure how)?? I am one step closer to completion of Ethan's sock monkey bed room make over. :D

I am pleased :D AND as always, please please please, ignore my ugly den, it's my last project in the house that I will be redoing:) And it will be a total night and day difference:) Once the dresser and bed cure I will start putting Ethan's room together. F I N A L L Y !! :)