Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sock Monkey Room, Dresser Re Do (in progress):

If you've followed my blog, you probably know I have been trying to put together Ethan's room since December. Since we are one of the rare groups of parents who never have a sitter or free time for ourselves, our projects heavily rely on doing them on the weekends, or when the kids are asleep.

Initially I purchased a dresser off craigslist to redo. Only, I liked it too much and used it in our bedroom instead (I felt it didn't fit well for a boys bedroom). That and our hand me down dresser was smaller but PERFECT for Ethan, it's vintage retro and I LOVE IT! It was Doug's parents, and I believe his mother's parents before. IT'S very Mad Men-ish! Anyway, I didn't get the chance to take a photo with the drawers in, but they don't have knobs, it's every bit of the decade it belonged too:) When it's done you will se how great it looks. I would of kept it as is, but it needed to be refinished from the wear and tear we put on it :/ Here are some before photos, (sorry the drawers are missing). And, dear readers, I hope you can look past my spray painted on carpet in my den. hehe, just remember it is my next make over room :)
(NOTE: click on image to open in seperate window to see more detail)
That, and we are staining the toddler farmhouse bed to match. The color we chose? Mini Wax, Bombay Mahogany. Which per the Lowes shade chart looks almost black, except upon googling images, we see it is more red. BUT, whatever it turns out, blackish, or reddish; WE will love it! Either color will compliment the sock monkey theme. The more I think about it, I would be excited if it did turn out a nice red shade :)

I had every intent to sand this myself like I did our bedroom dresser, except for whatever reason the dust really bothered me this time. Doug took up on doing it and I will stain it. I have NEVER used wood stain in my life, so this could be a hit or miss. (Fingers crossed). I'll post with updated photos sometime later (if I make it that far tonight).

Please excuse my aweful typing and errors, I should probably go back to elementary school, I seem to have forgotten so much since having kids. I promise at one point I took honors English in high school. You couldn't tell from my typos and horrible punctuation. But I am far from perfect, and hopefully you understand :) Have a blessed week, readers!

**May 8th Edit**
First round of sanding done, a couple more & then I'll stain:

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