Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter time randoms..

A whole lot of busy this way - of course. I wonder how my readers are doing this holiday season.  I'm sure if you're anything like me, you're working, scrambling to keep your kids up to speed and rushing to get in your Christmas shopping/photos/decorating etc...

Wellllll, I got SOME things done. Or, should I say, I put a small dent in some things.  Let's take a peek:

I took my kids Christmas picture. On a whim. Literally, I picked them up from school had them take a quick shower, get dressed and rush to take a couple photos (because I never know when my next day off will be).

(Below: MiMi's dress was an overpriced Justice dress, Ethan's shirt & tie came for a whopping $10 at Wal Mart).
To cut Justice some slack, it's a beautiful dress, but truthfully the rewards program for Justice is pointless, the J bucks can never be used with sales and you really only save 10% more. I miss the days of Gymboree :(

And then we got a little crafty...

(Below: A pinterest fav: The snowman fridge.  We made ours with construction paper and wrapping paper).

I wanted to buy a real tree this year, but my hours have literally been cut in half at work during the holiday and I decided other things were more important, and so old fabulous faux made her return - her lights don't work this year, but that's okay...

I know she's not really something brag worthy, but my kids decorated her and so it's gorgeous to me :) Maybe we'll try and find a tree topper bow tutorial *haha*.

I also went ahead and printed the kids Christmas Cards.  Pottery Barn Kids sent me a  free code to get some of their cards.  They have an exclusive line with Tiny Prints - How cool?!  They are adorable, and excuse the fact that my mobile photo isn't that clear, this card is beautiful in person. They had gorgeous designs, but this was my favorite:

And then I also ordered some of another design I fell in love with from one of my favorites to visit, my trusted and never disappoints:  Shutterfly :)

The only thing I am not too fond of when it comes to printing via Shutterfly or Tiny Prints, is the fact they put a log on the back of the cards.  I mean, I don't like the idea that I pay for something to advertise the business to family & friends.  Then again, there is a hallmark logo on the back of Hallmark cards. (thinks...nevermind..carry on) ;)  The cards are beautiful, why not let everyone know who does that great work so they can do them themselves. And come to think of it - you can literally always find a coupon code online for both Shutterfly & Tiny Prints.

The kids and I even decorated holiday cupcakes:

That same night, MiMi & I made lasagna..I think she was saying "it's all mine":

One of my favorite holiday traditions with my kids is to let them pick out a yearly ornament.  It's cheap & a fun thing for them to do.  These beauties were $1.97 at Wal Mart. PRECIOUS:)

Oh, and I turned 32, somewhere in the mix *haha* my sister cut my hair for my birthday. I can't wait for it to grow back out, but I like it:)

My, "I'm getting older face":

I did Christmas smart this year, by shopping a little at a time. I would like to say I am officially done with the kids and didn't break bank. - Too much anyway.  Hopefully the next time I post it won't be months later.  Enjoy the holidays lovelies!! <3 p="">