Monday, December 10, 2012

A little bit of Christmas...

On a whim (as in literally the last minute), I decided I would hurry and do the kids Christmas portraits the other day.  Ethan was not into it - AT ALL - but, that's okay, as many photos as I took I managed some good ones. Here are just a few.

I hate that I have to watermark everything, but twice now some one has taken my images with out my permission, and someone in Canada even mirrored my entire blog (why?).

My life is anything but interesting, but I am glad someone thinks it is :))

If you are in my area, be sure to message me about getting your holiday photos done! $50 gets you a CD FULL of images all edited with a print release. God Bless <3>

Speaking of the holidays, Christmas is in just 15 days, and I very literally didn't realize that until this very moment, (I am lying, it was more like 2 hours ago). Anyway, I just now ordered Christmas photo cards from the pro lab I use, I am only done with the kids and some of my niece's and nephew's. I would say I am super slacking this year. 

I was really hoping to do some tutorials on home made Christmas gifts, like I did last year with the DIY Re purposed Barbie House Out Of Old Speakers

And well, with 15 days, I am sure I can throw something together in the meantime.

I am not going super all out for Christmas this year to be honest. I barely decorated, I'll do crafts with the kids, possibly visit the mall Santa, and my tree is just barely put together.

I am officially the laziest parent there is this year.

There's till time to get into the mood. :)) I hope anyway.

It really has been a busy last couple of months. MiMi's artwork was selected to be in a local art gallery at the high school, she has a Christmas pageant (not beauty, more like musical of sorts, I don't know what you call them) coming up next week, etc etc.

I promise my next blog will be a DIY :))

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Free Bodysuit at Gymboree!!

Hurry and head to Gymboree HERE and email sign up for a coupon code for a FREE body suit with ANY $10 purchase!! You will also get FREE SHIPPING! (this is rare for Gymboree) !!

Great way to score a little extra Christmas gifts on the cheap! :))

Here's what I got:

Ice Skating Monster Two Piece Gymmies
$21.95 on Sale for $10.98

Puppy Double Sleeve Bodysuit
$14.95 on Sale for $7.48

Using my coupon code Gymboree emailed me, I only spent $11.75 :))

That makes the $5 shipping FREE, and the $7.48 bodysuit FREE :))


That's a savings of $25.15 :))


Happy Holidays (not to exclude anyone) :)) Share your deals below!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Great Savings at Kohls!

During the Black Friday rush, I finally splurged and bought myself boots, I also picked up a few other odds and ends for gifts.

In turn I received $15 in Kohl's cash. Later that week my Dad gave me a $10 kohl's purchase coupon and I also printed a 20% off coupon.

While stalking Kohl's the other day, my eye was caught on this HUGE red lantern.. (the photo on kohl's website does it no justice, it's so large in person).
The sticker price said $59.99 I scanned it; since I knew a big sale was going on. It was bumped down to $29.99. Of course my eyes lit up! Paired with my $15 Kohl's cash, the $10 off coupon AND the 20% coupon my grand total with taxes included??

A whopping $4.27 !! NO WAY?! ;)) Made my day!! Not sure what I will put in it yet, I'll stalk Pottery Barn later for inspiration. I just can't pass up a deal. Is anyone on instagram? It's my new addiction :)) - well, now that I joined the rest of the world and got a smart phone. I adore looking at everyone's vintagey edits :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

I don't often post photos of my children much anymore. Much to my dismay, my website has been mirrored and copied a few times (not sure why, it's not even one of the very top sites on the web). But needless to say, it still peeves me a bit. - Not to mention having to file copy right complaints - which tend to be tricky when the creepy person stealing your information has a .ca domain :( Shame on you! - You really should be ashamed of yourself for taking my work and copying my entire website. The things I do are special to me, and it's a shame you take credit for them.

So as a result, I have decided to be persistent with water marking my images. (which I hate) :(

Anyway, here are a few photos of my children that I took with the new studio lighting. I must say, it makes a difference :)) I will, however, purchase some higher wattage bulbs for my umbrella lights!

We have been enjoying the fall (even though some days the temperature still gets hot and humid).

So far this October, the kids have visited a local (very busy) pumpkin patch, picked pumpkins at a local farmer's market and went on to harvest the pecans and grapes from our backyard. - I am hoping to plant pumpkin seeds next so that next year we will have our very own mini pumpkin patch :) Can you imagine the fun that would be??
                           (Below: Ethan showing off the grapes and pecans he picked in the backyard today.)
(Below: MiMi showing off one of her pecans from the yard)
(Below: Just an image of a grape cluster growing the the back yard.)

As some of my readers know, I have a slight Gymboree obsession, however, I will only shop with sales or gymbucks for the most part.  Over the summer and during the last huge online sale they had, I gradually built up this collection and decided it would be perfect for MiMi's school photos. What do y'all think??

(Below: A whole lot of cherry!! Gymboree's cherry line makes for a great back to school girl's outfit!) 

What else is new as far as the house is concerned? Well, little progress. Still waiting to complete the den flooring - I guess as time and money allows, but right now with the holidays fast approaching and being on a budget, it looks like the den will have to wait. It's come a long way, baby, with a lot of time and love - why not a little longer? ;) - It will happen! And, when it does, you'll be the first to see!! Bless! <3 p="p">

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Photo Tutorial: Make your own Chick-Fil-A Sandwhich Chicken! Closest to Original Recipe - EASY!!


Shopping / Ingredient List:

* 3-4 Chicken Breast
* Pickle Juice (enough to cover raw chicken to marinate)
* Flour (2 Cups)
* Sugar (2 Tablespoons)
* Paprika (1 Tablespoon)
* Onion Powder (1 Tablespoon)
* Garlic Powder (1 Tablespoon)
* Black Pepper (1/2 Tablespoon)
* Oregano (1/2 Tablespoon)
* Salt (1 Teaspoon)
* Basil (1/2 Tablespoon)
* 3 eggs
* Olive Oil (enough to coat bottom of frying pan)

Supplies Needed:

* Two Tupperware containers (medium/large)
* Measuring spoons/cups
* Knife
* Bowl
* Frying Pan
* Meat Tenderizer (Cleaver)
* Baking Pan
* Foil


STEP 1: Rinse Chicken Breast Under Cold Water, Cut Each Breast into 3-4 Pieces (or as desired)
- Place all cut up chicken strips into large ziplock bag and beat with a meat tenderizer (not too thin)
- Remove Chicken and place in Medium/Medium Large Tupperware container
- Fill container with pickle juice and a couple of pickles to completely cover the chicken

*STEP 2:  Gather your dry ingredient list to make the coating for the chicken.
- In a Medium Tupperware container, add all the dry ingredients
-Place lid onto container and shake vigorously to mix all ingredients well. Set aside for later use.

* STEP 3: FRYING the Chicken
To make things easy, set a fryer pan coated enough to cover in olive oil set heat to medium
(meanwhile set oven temperature to 350 degrees and line a baking pan with foil)
In a separate bowl, beat 3 eggs
Place your dry coating mix and marinated chicken near your cooking station
ONE AT A TIME,  remove chicken from marinade and place into egg mixture, drip dry and fully coat with dry coating/season mix and then place into frying pan.
Turn chicken as needed to evenly fry - don't worry if it's not 100% cooked, if you're a freak about raw meat like me the next step will take care of this..

* STEP 4:  Blot excess grease off chicken with paper towels
Place chicken onto foil lined pan and place into oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes 
(give or take pending how your oven cooks).

AND YOU'RE DONE!! I kid you not, this taste 98% as close as the original Chick-Fil-A sandwich with NO MSG and no added artificial ingredients. It is AMAZING! My kids love it and it's super easy to put together. E N J O Y :))

Gymboree SUPER SAVINGS!! (October 2012)

I haven't updated my last few Gymboree savings trips, but here is one I did tonight. I told myself NO MORE GYMBOREE, and that my kids were set. But my little girl has grown a pants size and literally has one pair of pants that fit her in the waist. So I randomly checked Gymboree's site from a Columbus day email I received from them and was pleasantly surprised to see GREAT mark downs! Then I had a 20% off coupon or I could use a $25 off $100 coupon (which ultimately was the best option given at $75 I would get free shipping as well). So 20% off plus an extra $5 off and I saved another $5 on shipping.

At this rate I will open my own Ebay store when the kids outgrown their things! ;)

Here is what I bought tonight:

* Girls Gem Bow Pocket Flare Jeans *
On Sale For: $14.99
*Gem Button Bow Pony Holder* 
To go with the MANY pieces I bought in this line for Back to School
On Sale For: $1.87
*Smart Chicks Rule Double Sleeved Tee*
On Sale For: $9.74

*Flower Belted Boot Cut Jean*
On Sale For: $15.74
*Flower Streamer Pony Holder*
On Sale For: $3.37

*Holiday Memories Bow Patent Shoe*
(I bought last years line Christmas Jumper Dress and hope these will go with it)
On Sale For: $27.71
 (which is more than I would normally pay, but with a coupon it's justifiable)
*Flower Tight*
On Sale For: $5.62
(I have a lot of pieces from this collection)

*Belted Twill Cargo Pant*
On Sale For: $10.49
*Pirate Ship Stripe Double Sleeve Polo Shirt*
On Sale For: $13.49

SALE TOTALS: $103.02
- $25 off $100 Purchase Coupon

THEN I get back $25 in Gymbucks - It's like getting everything for ONLY $53.02 !! :))

In case you're wondering how I spent my gymbucks from previous purchases, I went ahead and got the children's Christmas outfits. Here they are:

I also used some of the gymbucks online and finished up with getting the Cherry Collection dirt cheap and some sweaters for the kids. Okay, so now, I would like to think I am officially done. :)) These clothes will last them well into next year :))

Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY Photo Tutorial: How to Make My Little Pony (Ponies) Hair Like New!!

Don't you dare throw away those adorable My Little Ponies, like my parents did, when their hair got to being a hot mess!! :)) Follow my easy step by step photo tutorial, and you too can bring back your little one's treasured My Little Pony hair back to like NEW condition.

Here's what you'll need:

* Decent Sized Tupperware (or Large Mixing Bowl)
* Sample Size Package of Ultra Downy Liquid Fabric Softener (mine is Tahitian Scent)
* Any Comb
* A Towel
* Your Messy Haired My Little Pony Dolls


* Squirt a decent amount of the Downy Fabric Softener into the container
 (I would guesstimate 4 TABLESPOONS)

* Fill the Tub almost full - 3/4th full of HOT water

* Stir mixture with the comb

((See following photos on HOW TO detangle My Little Pony (ponies) Hair ))

(Below: A hot mess of my child's first My Little Pony circa 2005 to current)

(Below: Use your mixture as described above, and dunk the My Little Pony Doll's hair into the mix, squeeze the excess off, lay MLP flat on towel and brush the hair with a comb)

(Below: After Dunking and Squeezing Excess from hair, lay flat and brush with comb)

(Below: For curly hair, divide colors into sections and roll from BOTTOM UP in a crayon and lay flat until dried)

(Below: Repeat Same Step Above for Tail)

(Below: After, once My Little Pony Hair is detangled and DRY, release crayon and she's back to like new!!)


Such a Cheap fix, right? Don't throw away those gorgeous dolls, fix them up on the cheapy cheap! Every one's got Fabric Softener, water and a comb ;)

Need More Convincing? Check out some more of my Before and After My Little Pony Hair fixes!

(Below: For My Little Pony dolls that do not require a lot of curl, just brush and wrap the hair around the legs, as shown while still damp to retain the natural curl)

I am sending these off to my niece who is "in love with My Little Pony", according to my sister.

Please feel free to ask any questions! Good luck on restoring your My Little Pony dolls to their original condition!! I wish my parents did this years ago (or at least saved my vintage 80's My Little Ponies). :))