Friday, April 30, 2010

Long time, no post..

Oops! It's been another one of those, long time no post sessions for me. (forgive the blocking out my kids last name, yes, it's different than mine).

I sometimes wonder why I chose to dub myself "another daily blog". Well, I promise you, at some point in my life, I blogged daily. Make that, MULTIPLE times daily. That was back in the myspace days, and that was prior to my second child. Yep, the little mr. bubby, who keeps me entirely too busy.

These days, instead of daily blogging, I find myself finishing projects, and leaving them, only to pick back up months later (yeah, I know, chaotic disorganization of sorts).

On the inside though my home is pleasantly and mostly organized. Being a small home we have our clutter from time to time, but generally speaking, I am a neat freak and a bit anal in having things in their proper places.

YIKES!! So, what has happened in the last month?

Well, my baby boy Ethan (bubby) turned ONE! gosh, yeah, ONE!! Here are some photos I took of him:

Then it seemed Easter came and went:

and yes, they had Easter at my folks house as well:)

As per the rest of the month? I couldn't honestly tell ya, it was spent doing kindergarten registration, lots of vaccines and children's well child checkups, uhm, ya know..the usual.

I'd like to think I am some what on track now, but truthfully I still have a load full of laundry to fold and hang and the rest of my bed linens to dry. Which makes my blogging kind of my one and only daily escape from reality:)

Have a super weekend folks! I'll try not to wait too long until my next blog - and I have some exciting projects to share and tutorials to post. <3