Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Mirror...

So, last year, I had my own go at a DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Mirror. Here's the tutorial if you're interested in saving a good chunk of change (or if you're like me just don't have that much money period, haha): DIY Pottery Barn Mirror Photo Tutorial:

Basically during my den renovation, I moved the mirror around, never hanging it.

Today, while off work, I decided, well, dang, why not go ahead and put it to use, it's just collecting dust in a corner.

I cleared off the mountains of what could have become a mini episode of, "Hoarders" in the making that made up my bedroom dresser, and I placed that beauty atop it :)

I decided I'd go ahead and put a few other things around as well. I LOVE these lighted pumpkins so much, that I keep them up year round (yeah, yeah, I am a little tacky). And I added the lantern form my children's photo session I did for Christmas, along with some lighted tree branches from my best friend's mom.

FANTASTIC!  I LOVE the spot I chose:) Sad to say it took me a year to figure it out:)