Friday, November 1, 2013

Living Room Updates

Please ignore my half "rear" attempts at photos inside the house. I finally did an over the sofa wall and I semi decorated for fall (all be it I am posting after Halloween)..Thanksgiving is around the corner, so I'd like to think I am still okay;)

(Below: I used an old nursery wall hanging plaque and painted it with chalkboard paint, cute refurbish!)

(Below: I made that book page wreath out of a hanger and old pages, nothing more) :)

I'd been spying pinterest and have wanted those cute large striped curtains I have seen on a few blogs. Most were hand made. BEAUTIFUL. Of course, no retailer makes them, and people on etsy want $100 or more per panel (I know it's worth it, but I am beyond paycheck/paycheck living right about now). ;) I decided it'd be worth my patience to just spend $39 for the alternative: A west elm shower curtain.  I'll hang them later but I think it will look great in my silvery sage living room :)

*UPDATE: here's one of the panels, sorry for the crummy cell phone quality, but I love it - I should have ironed it, but I'm too lazy).

I only bought one panel and will probably purchase the other sometime around next pay period, then I'll take a photo, but if you type in west elm shower curtain in pinterest, you'll get the idea;) It will look great:)

*EDIT: 3 January 2013: A Photo of the West Elm shower curtains during Christmas: