Monday, February 27, 2017

Photos and Life

It's been a while, as usual.  So much has gone on, yet so little time to actually type things out.  I wish I could find a way to blog from the tablet, it would make blog life much easier.

Expect MAJOR DIY renovation updates within the next few months.  I am converting a garage into a bedroom, painting my kitchen cabinets white, along with a list of other things that I can't wait to reveal. This should be good.  I finally took more photos of my children, so I'll share those.  Danny is now 10 months old, he's still in his DOC BAND, and I am loving the results!

Only two more weeks left and then it's a thing of the past.  He has 3 teeth, crawls and drools on everything. MiMi broke her wrist skating with a friend, and Ethan, well, he's a typical little almost 8 year old boy. He loves gaming and getting dirty.

(12 in March)

 (8 in April)

Baby's First Easter...10 months at time of photo.

Broken Wrist

Danny visited Kure Beach for all of 10 minutes.

I some how still find time to put on makeup when I leave the house.

My little Doc Band baby

Ethan continually gets A honor roll, and acts shy for a photo op

But, he still likes transformers..

 Danny tries to get into everything.

Danny's first snow was at a Cranial Technologies 
appointment - Stephen held him so I could snap a photo.

Stephen and I have yet to kill each other.

The kids stay busy, and I stay sane.  With Stephen's firefight schedule, most nights I am alone while he works.  The truth is, it's a good day if I actually put on my makeup or take my hair out of a bun. I'm sure the days I get done up, Stephen appreciates it, because the rest of the time I'm rocking the "tired mama bags under the eyes".  We went ahead and bought this shed, and we are waiting on the company to contact us to build it on site.

They told us it could take up to 3 weeks. Once that's done, we can move all the garage contents into it and begin on the garage room conversion and I can share with you all a cheap way to do it on a budget. Wish us luck!