House Tour Before and After

Please click on the following links to see each room's progress via past DIY blog posts. Some of these rooms are still a work in progress, but each link will show the most updated blogs on them. Click "older blogs" on the bottom of each link to eventually take you back to where each room started.

Pottery Barn Inspired Carport Addition Make Over

The Master Bedroom

The Bathroom Transformation

All things MiMi's room

Ethan's Sock Monkey Toddler Room

The 65 Rancher, etc.

Bare with me :) I will edit before and after photos as they come available:)
For now here are some images :)
Master Bedroom
A few views of the Master Bedroom
-bed built from scratch, dresser is a craigslist refurbish I did, bedding from Pottery Barn :)

Here was what that dresser looked like before:

It was truly a budget make over, I even used the old cabinet hardware from the previous owners and spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze :

I wish I had a before picture of our bedroom, but I do not. But to give you an idea; when we purchased the 65 rancher, she had HUNTER GREEN trim work, and army colored walls. (she was a real winner) hehe.

The Bathroom Remodel//Still Under Construction

This was a real piece of work. All original dated oak plywood cabinets, ugly hunter green counter to match the ugly hunter green trim work.
I painted all the trim white, I painted the bathroom a neutral green, replaced the vanity and top (my initial idea was to stain it, BUT we discovered mold and replaced it and the dry wall behind it).
New light bar, mirror and shower curtain. Also painted the built in shelving bright white (it was also oak). We purchased the ceramic tile but do not have money to actually lay it as of yet, so it can wait.

Yes, the previous owners (bless their hearts) were very into military colors hehe.

See what I mean with the befores? bleh..

The color is "lion" by Behr. You'll have to forgive me I LOVE green! er, just not that hunter green :)

The after on the vanity, sink and faucet was a MAJOR difference:)

Forgive my missing light bulbs, I am cheap and only screw them in if we have guests ;l haha

LOVE my Kohl's shower curtain, it has all my fav colors & it was fabric AND only $12 after coupons! (originally $35)
See part of the built in shelving?? LOVE the previous owners for this!

At some point I plan to buy the moulded panel doors, but again, not in the budget yet;) There is also a matching blue candle now in the hurricane vase to accent the shower curtain. I really need to update my photos ;/

The Kitchen/Dining re do

Okay, best I can describe it, the walls were salmon pink, the cabinets had floral kitchen pulls (same ones above that I spray painted and used for the dresser).
We added chair rail moulding, doorway trim, painted the walls green
Behr's grasscloth. It made a world of a difference. The pub table was a cheapy set at K Mart $199 and I got the cushions from Wal Mart for $8 each.
I don't like that the washer and dryer are in our kitchen, but it was a common thing in the 60's and I really refuse to pay a plumber and built on to the house for a seperate laundry room:) (NOW ANYWAY) hehe

Bought this leaf light fixture to replace a cheap brass dome globe.

I really NEED to update this photo, it was taken in 06 when Tide still had BIG bottles lol! I spray painted the light fixture oil rubbed bronze since this photo.

New kitchen light bar (the original was some brass floral thing).