Saturday, July 7, 2018

Easiest way to paint cabinets EVER

I'm back! Is this a joke? Nope, I AM BACK!  I took a semi 2 year hiatus, (nearly 3), after the birth of my last son in 2016 and for much of my pregnancy the year before.

I found myself, overwhelmed, and all too consumed with being a mommy to a new baby all over again, to focus on much else.  In those years, I had fawned over, projects I'd like to complete one day, as he was older.  I craved to put a paint brush in my hands again. I desperately NEEDED my creativity to come out, since it had been such a long time, since I had been able to start and finish a DIY project.  I stalked the internet (mostly instagram hashtags) over the years, for the easiest ways to paint my kitchen cabinets.  I was settled on the fact that I would have to painstakingly sand and primer and remove EVERYTHING.  I didn't like this idea one bit.

One, it would take way too much time out of my mentally worn out days, and two, I didn't desire to chase a busy body toddler around during all of the chaos it would take.

Like everyone else looking for short cuts, I looked into chalk paint.  There wasn't any ONE particular source I gathered all of my information from, but multiple.  In the end I decided, I would use the cheaper of brand in the chalk paint world and seal it with a polyacrylic finish.

Below: What my little heart desired to use for this project.

So far, I've only managed to complete the TOP row, and one bottom set.

So, let me fill you in.

First, I ended up using 2 paint brushes that I felt were good for ME, and MY hands, and I did the first coat, BUT ONLY after I used KRUD KUTTER to degrease, and then a bucket of hot water and diluted dawn dishsoap to have a super clean surface.

My cabinets started off as builder grade shiny oak. YUCK. Nothing I myself have ever loved.  I made the decision one night at 2 am, that I would do the paint in place, and only remove the knobs on the cabinets.  There was no way on God's green earth I would have time to remove everything.  So that that I painted my first streaky, hideous coat of Rustoleum's chalk paint.

Below: If you decide to chalk paint your cabinets, don't let the streaky first and second
 coats deter you.  Those coats will always look like trash ;)

The next morning I did my second coat, and mid afternoon my third coat.  I waited a day, and then did the fourth coat.  After a few hours of dry time, I did my first coat of matte polyacrylic with a brush, making sure to not have any drips.  I let it dry 5 hours, and did my second coat with a foam craft brush.

In all I put on 4 thin coats of the polyacrylic to seal everything.  I let the cabinets cure for a couple of days, and added the knobs back.  I did the scratch test with my finger nail, and no paint came off.  SUCCESS!!

It's been 3 weeks now, and so far so good.  I just need to find time to do the lower ones.

I just figured I would make this quick update, for anyone looking for the absolute EASIEST way to repaint your cabinets:) Much luck, dear readers!  I can't wait to finish, and start more projects and show them with you all.  It's been so long.

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