Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Dollar: I think I LOVE You !!

Okay, I let me just say Family Dollar did not ask me to endorse them, nor did they contact me, I am just so tickled pink with them I wanted to write, er, TYPE a review up :)

So in 2005 as new parents, we were so broke most times we couldn't afford ANYTHING. Not a thing, not even wal mart brand (I know, that's pretty much bottom barrel, right?) - Now you know why I am so darn frugal and cheap and clip coupons.

Anyway, MiMi was 6 months old and I went to a Family Dollar, and was amazed at the cute baby stuff they had, most being only 6 bucks for an entire outfit. Most of the dresses and halter sets looked like they came from a boutique. Only, the prices and location were very different. I always got compliments on her Family Dollar outfits :)

I received an Advertisement from Family Dollar in my mailbox yesterday. They had a $5 off $25 coupon (still available for print on and their facebook page). I also clipped the buy one get one 50% off kidgets apparal for boys coupon). You can clip the same ones and print them here:
Family Dollar Printable Coupons
I figured I had nothing to lose, and while I was at it I had two coupons for gain that were expiring today so I loaded the car with my kids and off to Family Dollar we went.

This is what I got:

* Dish tub I needed so I bought it anyway for $3.50
* MiMi's size 7 Easter Dress for only $10
* Ethan's shoes for $5
* Kidgets 3t outfit for $8
* Kidgets 3t outfit for $7 (used kidgets buy one get one 50% off so only paid $3.50)
* Gain detergent on sale for $5 used $1 off manufacturer coupon - $4
* Dryer sheets $2 used $1 off manufacturer coupon - $1
THEN I used my $5 off $25 coupon and my grand total was $32 AFTER taxes

Yep, AMAAAAZING!!! And isn't the dress super cuuute??

I was skeptical at first that the quality might be lacking but NOPE, very high quality, the dress even had an underliner sewed in. PERFECT!!

I bought a similar dress at children's place last year for $40!! Family Dollar's dress (the brand is Extremely me) is way cuter, in my opinion! And for $30 less, can't beat that! Not at all!

Here is Ethan in one of the Kidgets short sets I bought for 7 dollars (was actually 3.50 after the buy one get one 50% off coupon I printed from

I would compare this brand to Kohl's Jumping Beans line, but Kidgets is def. more modern and fun - and CHEAPER :)!

Then there comes the customer service of the employees at the particular store I visited on Cliffdale. PERFECT! So often, (and you can ask anyone of my friends) I am quick to complain if I do not like something. One thing that I have noticed as of recently is a lot of places lack customer service. SO, it was a GREAT surprise, to be greeted upon walking in the store with a "welcome", and a "how are you doing". There is nothing in the world that draws me back to an establishment than good customer service.

Family Dollar, I have to say, with your low prices, great products and exceptional customer service and friendly employees, you pretty much will have me as a weekly shopper :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Birthday Surprise for MiMi :)

MiMi's birthday was the 10th. She turned 6. Gosh where does time go??

The day of her birthday we went to have lunch with her at school We brought cupcakes and goodie bags for the class since we don't have birthday parties with a lot of children. (blame the fact I am a nerd and have like NO friends, literally that and no one ever shows up) hehe.

Anyway, I wish we could of gotten photos of the classroom but the teacher wanted to do the treat at the end of the day, so we were not able to partake in that.

We went to my parents that night for the cake they got her.

The following Saturday we went to a friends son's 1st birthday party and on Sunday we had cake with my parents and her aunt.

A few days later my sister spoiled her.

Please ignore my hard woods, my sons walker tore them up when he was a little guy (er, i mean smaller guy..)..wait..nevermind, he's never been little, who am I kidding, he's been in a 3T since he was 1 and a half. HEAVEN help me with him hehe:)

Today her grandparents (Doug's mom & dad) gifted her TONS of American Girl stuff. OH MY GOSH to be this little agian, right?! heeh

A doll carrying case for her dolls and accessories, she was so excited!

MiMi was/is in American Girl Doll heaven right now!

Seriously, this stuff is sooo expensive but SUCH high quality! such cute stuff!

FINALLY a brand that does justice to the quality of dolls we had in the 80's! only it's cuter!! (well, i still miss my rainbow brite dolls) hehe.

I can say she had a pretty awesome birthday and mad out like a fat rat. Uhm, and is it bad if mommy wants to play with dolls again? Probably, but hey it's too cute!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Craigslist Dresser Refurbish COMPLETED :)

I finally went outside today and spray painted the rest of those floral catastrophies with oil rubbed bronze, only I ran out of rustoleum, and Krylon was loads cheaper, so KRYLON oil rubbed bronze, you were my love today :)

Finally, complete!! Now I can start Ethan's!

(See previous blog for price break down and materials used). I really do love how this piece was transformed:)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Craigslist dresser RE DO all under 100 bucks!!

Once upon a time (last April) I bought a dresser off craigs list. It was solid wood, and for 65 bucks, it was a steal!

It was a cherry wood color, with ALL the scratches to compliment it (can't tell from my photo). My original plan had been to use it for my sons room. I sanded her down:

After I sanded it down, it sat for 8 months. YES, EIGHT FULL MONTHS.
Something about it just didn't scream "boys room" to me. And so for eight months she sat alone in our den until I was done painting Ethan's room one day last week and it hit me!

I thought, well we are painting our bed white, and our current dresser is retro (authentic 60's / 70's mod family hand me down) VERY VERY VERY nice, however, the drawers are so small.

It hit me then, that we'd use our old retro dresser for Ethan's room and I would paint this one WHITE to match the farmhouse bed and go with our new cottage bedroom.

PERFECT! This Sunday I put the last coats on it and she came out PERFECT! :)

Ignore the fact I didn't put all the pulls on yet. I was going to buy them off Ebay when it hit me again, WAIT, I don't have to go to a hardware store and spend 2 bucks or more a pop for new pulls, I have the old kitchen cabinet pulls that I saved when we switched out new pulls in our kitchen.

The previous owners had salmon pink walls and elderly people taste, these floral pulls were not my taste at all. I decided to scuff them up and spray paint them with rustoleum's oil rubbed bronse. PERFECT :)

I may fill in that shell design that is on so many pieces of 80's and 90's furniture with wood putty and paint it lol:)

I took my time doing this piece, and didn't cake on the paint, I made sure it would be a wonderful piece, so much infact the wood grain shows right through the paint :) I am so tickled pink!!

The top looks lighter due to the flash. Yes, I have spray paint and etc on my den carpet, don't worry it's my next room redo:) That carpet is so old it's probably original to the home.

Finally, complete!! Now I can start Ethan's!

I am so in love!! You can not touch a solid wood refinished piece for under 400 bucks by us. TRUST ME, i tried every thrift store in this city. They were selling ugly pieces (original beat up stain) for atleast that price.

Total cost breakdown:

*craigs list dresser - $65
*Olympic white semi gloss paint from lowes - $24
*Good paint brush - $13
*Dresser pulls - FREE (old cabinet pulls)
* Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint - (about 5 bucks had it laying around so FREE)
*Sand paper - $5

Total: $112
You just can't beat that price for a brand new piece of furniture! Can't wait to get this bedroom all together!

Pottery Barn Duvet & Shams: Master Bedroom

So, I decided with all the money we saved building the pottery barn farmhouse bed ourselves, via the plans on knock off wood I would splurge and purchase the duvet and sham set I had been eyeballing for over a year.

The bed cost us about 250 to build, it retails for over a thousand on pottery barn. (Thanks Ana!!) :D

It took me a few weeks of going back and forth deciding which set I wanted, but ultimatley, I decided on Sienna Paisley. More so because it has a splash of green. Even though our bed is a queen, I purchased the King size, so there will be no blanket hogging in the night lol.

After s&h & taxes it was $339.76 for the king duvet, two euro shams and one standard sham (OUCH) I know, but I figured since I never buy myself anything, this was a gift to myself.

Trust me, I tried hard to find online codes before I bit the bullet and spent that much. But to no avail. Too bad for pottery barn, as I intended to buy their down comforter for my duvet, however, I'll just get one at kohl's since right now I earn 10 bucks kohl's cash for every 50 I spent :) c'mon Pottery Barn, offer free shipping or something?? sheesh :) lol. Kohl's will just have to get my cash on that one :)

I spend Sunday painting the dresser white and she's all ready to go just needs some knobs or pulls. I'll paint the bed soon and then hopefully this bedroom will FINALLY be done! :) Oh, and did I mention I am ALMOST done with Ethan's sock monkey room? It's taken me long enough ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh Sunday Paper, How Dare You?

Today, I was eagerly awaiting my Sunday paper.

The buzz was there would be bogo (buy one get one) coupons for axe body wash and clean & clear, which made both super cheap at CVS this week.

I open my paper with excitement, only to see...


Whatever method sorts the coupons be it machine or human error, I was the unlucky lady who had the good coupons ganked from her paper today.
I sent Doug to the gas station to get me a different paper.
Nope, the good ones were also taken from this one.

I guess I will have to venture ebay for a clipping service this week and cross my fingers they get here before the sales end. Don't worry, I never spend more than 2 bucks on ebay and I always get the good suff :)

Last night Doug and I had a date.

Imagine that, a date. We have had 2 dates our entire time as parents, one in 06 when we went to visit family in FL. Another recently when his parents visited us during the holiday. It's so good to get time as a couple as opposed to always being parents.

I am firm to believe our relationship suffered initially from never having time to be a couple. So, we saw "take me home tonight". It was pretty much classic 80's and I liked it. (Please don't take my movie likes as gold, bc I have a very off taste in cinema I am told) lol.

Well, except for the tv show "Mad Men" because, let's face it, THAT'S GREAT STUFF :)

Enjoy the rest of your Sundaaay! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Savings at Super Doubles @ Harris Teeter!!

Today I went to Harris Teeter, while the cashier was less than friendly (I mean LITERALLY). I walk up and I make eye contact and say, "Hi, how are you doing". She looks at me and doesn't say a word. Rude much? I think, okay maybe she's having a bad day.

seconds later I give her my coupons, and say "thanks". Again, she looks at me and doesn't say a peep.


At the end of my shopping trip I say, "have a nice day". It was met with a blank stare and not a word.

AMAZING!! I have always put my customers first when I worked and ALWAYS made it a point to ONE smile and TWO ask how they are right off the bat. I can not believe how some people get jobs when people like me would LOVE her job.

SURE it doesn't pay much, but a job is a job. I just don't get it..

If Harris Teeter wasn't having such great deals I'd probably not go back. Rotten apple;) lol

Anyway here is what I got:

Here is how:

Harris Teeter is having super double coupons this week
ANY coupon up to 1.98 is doubled.

Lysol is buy one get one free @2 .99
I bought 6
6x 2.99 = 8.97
I had 2 internet printable coupouns ($1 off two lysols)
and 1 $1 off two lysol's sundays paper coupon from a few weeks ago
3 coupons doubled = 6 bucks off
8.97-6 = 2.97

Gain dish soap is on sale for 1.99
I had a $1 off gain detergent sunday paper coupon (i bought 20 off ebay for 1 buck
bc i knew i'd get 20 free soaps out of it).
doubled made it FREE

Pine sol was on sale for $2.69
I had a $1 off pine sol internet coupon
doubled = 69 cent

2.97+.69 = 3.66 + .69 cent sales tax = 4.35

That's like 54 cent a piece!! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Target : Everything free, Paid $4 for the 6 pack of socks though.

Went to target following a list on southernsavers. Here is what I got:

Circo brand toddler 6 pair socks - $ 4.99 - $1 circo printable target coupon found here:
Target Printable Coupons =$3.99

Circo brand 1 Pair of toddler sock - $1 target printable circo coupon (same as above bc you can print each coupon twice) = FREE

Excederin 20 count = $3.54 each - $3 off target printable coupon (same link as above)
& minus $1 off manufacturer coupon (also printable but can't find the link now).
**print both twice** and you end up getting BOTH boxes of excederin FREE + a 92 cent overage to apply towards your total on other items.

A&D Diaper crea, = 3.34 - $2 printable target coupon (same link as above) = 1.34 -92 cent overage from excederin coupons = .42

Organic Puffs = 2.99 - FREE manufacturer emailed coupon via facebook sign up (courtesy of coo coo 4 coupons on facebook) = FREE

Total was 4.42 for everything. It was like paying less than full retail value for the 6 pack of socks and getting everything else free :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

$3 Walgreens Trip (3/20)

I have been staring at the list over at southernsavers the last few weeks. I figured since Walgreen's doesn't require a card to scan I'd give it a shot & see how it rates compared to CVS. I have to say I am impressed.

I got all of this for $5 after coupons & I got a $2 register reward, so that makes my total $3 bucks for $13 worth of merch.

Want to score the same deal? Here is how:

* Plackers 90 count floss piks (i use these religiously!!) = $2
no coupons, but you get back a $2 register reward so it's like FREE

* Old spice deoderant $4.99 + old spice body was $4.99 = $8.98
use buy one old spice deodorant get one old spice body wash free
SO, 8.98-4.99 = $4.99
**STORE sale, buy one old spice get second @ 50% = 4.99/2 = 2.49

* Reach Crystal Clear Tooth Brush= FREE
clip walgreens advertisement coupon that says this tooth brush will be 99 cent
go online and print this coupon for $1 off any reach product:


TOTAL OUT OF POCKET = $2+$2.49=$4.49 + tax
Get a $2 register reward = like getting it all for 3 BUCKS!!

Not even Wal Mart can top this:)

$2 CVS Trip (3/20)

My Cvs trip would of been better, except they were pretty much out of EVERYTHING that was earning extra bucks in two of the local stores. Sheesh, people are either catching on, or CVS is getting stingy with their advertised deals:)

Basically I paid $5 out of pocket for everything here after coupons, because I made back $3 extrabucks it's like $2, or less than 30 cent each :)

Here is how to score the same deal *if you have extrabucks* If not you will be paying 9 out of pocket & get 3$ back so it will be like $6 for you. (gotta get started somewhere to save, right?) lol.

ANYWAY, here we go:

CVS has a sale stating if you purchase $12 in participating Suave items (see store add for items) you will earn $3 extra bucks back.

To make the $12 limit I purchased:

* 3 body washes @ $2 each = $6
* 3 kids shampoos @ buy 3 for = $5
* 1 suave deoderant invisible care for $1
My total before coupons is $12

Now break out Sunday's coupon inserts and clip these

* Buy 2 suave body washes get one FREE (-$2 at cvs)
* 50 cent off suave deoderant
* 50 cent off any two kis suave items.

$12 total - $3 in sunday paper coupons = $9

I used my $4 in extrabucks last week so my total was $5 (i actually used a gift card from visa rewards so i didn't even pay a dime out of pocket).

Anyway you get back $3 in extra bucks so $5-$3 = like paying $2 for everything which is less than 30 cent EACH :)

Who loves CVS?! MEEE!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sock Monkey Toddler Room..FINALLY painted!

**UPDATE** Here is a daytime photo as promised. I plan to paint the baseboards white, the 60's wooden door is getting replaced w/ a modern paneled one, and i hope to add crown moulding**

If you have been following my progress on my sons room (it has taken MONTHS). Well, since the start and fruition of the idea/theme. My son has never had a bed room. He will be 2 on April 11th. It is my goal to have it done before them (crosses fingers).

Things have been so chaotic with kids, house, home, relationship, family. etc. So things like my projects get put behind A LOT. Especially where money is concerned. (shakes head).

That and my random bursts of no energy and non motivation have caused me to be a slacker.

Well tonight I got the ball in motion and on the move. I not only painted our dresser white..

I also painted Ethan's room.

(Please ignore the small photo/shoddy quality, I am using my old cam bc my new ones batteries are charging).

Yes, as the picture says, I always do my cutting in last. (the area around the windows, ceiling, baseboards etc).

The paint is still drying so you'll have to excuse the un eveness of it all.
It's really beautiful in person, and I hope to take a better LARGER photo in the morning. Good night readers:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello, warm weather!

I really wish I could get into the swing of blogging daily like I used to. I would like to think I'll have something to look back on when the kids are older. Yesterday was pretty busy. MiMi recieved a bounty of nice gifts from my sister in California. One of them was sidewalk chalk. Of course it was stripped of it's wrapping paper and we were all outside in the driveway no more than 3 minutes later coloring it up.

This one was actually 3d chalk, and even bubby had to try on the glasses. He gets all of his true nerdisms from his mother (me).

I even thought to snap some nature shots with the new camera since the weather finally permitted. May I just say WOW! New camera is so detailed I no longer have to edit color, every single photo is STRAIGHT out of camera no editing what so ever.

These are blossoms from my maple trees. I never knew the blossoms for the leaves were actually pink. Yay for zoom lens!
And another shot

Spring is beautiful to me, because it's when the dead of the winter starts to be reborn into all things beautiful. Sure, I will miss my cool chilled air. But, even I have to admit the sunshine and new plants make me smile and lift my negative nature some:)

about 10 minutes after these photos the whole neighborhood shows up to play in the yard. Yes, I unknowingly volunteered to a large crowd of children..(large for me). 8 kids (10 counting my own) showed up). I don't even know how that happened but it did. Needless to say 2 hours later I was exhausted. When Doug got off work I took it upon myself to mow the lawn.

I hate to admit this (I really do). But winter got the best of me and I put on some extra chub. ugh, I know, shame on me. I really think my love for all things food is disturbing. I will probably eventually go to an OA meeting (not even kidding). I have got to get a grip on my life. I need to focus my bad emotions on something other than food. Yes, food, you are lovely, but you are just as bad as any other drug, you just take longer to kill a person.

*sigh* I hope everyone is enjoying spring:)

$1.60 tax included CVS trip

$13.88 worth of merchandise for $1.60 + tax included out of pocket!

Here is how:

*gain dish soap on sale for 97 cent used two $1 off manufacturer paper coupon from weeks ago = 2 for free buy one

‎*Clean & clear morning burst body wash on sale for 2.99, used 2 off internet coupon from clean and = 99 cent

Right Gaurd body wash on sale for 3.99 each, bought two used a buy one get one free coupon from sunday (3/13) paper = 3.99 for two Total before coupons =$13.88 - all coupons shown and a 5 extrabuck I got = 89 cent + tax = 1.60 out of pocket:)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

96 cents OUT OF POCKET for 12 + in merch. & earned 4 extrabucks - CVS (3.13)

So, last week I earned 7 extrabucks..this week I grabbed the CVS circular to see what items were earning extra bucks. Remember, to always save ROLL your extra bucks, by spending them on items that earn extrabucks! (go to my links on the right and look up cvs to see past posts to explain).

So here is what I got this week, with a subtotal of ZERO bucks and only paid 96 cents out of pocket:

Here is my proof (some people don't disclose the full amount they pay out of pocket on couponing sites bc they count hte extrabucks as part of that, but i disclose ita ll)

Here is the break down of this receipt so you can score the same deal
**I am using 7 extrabucks from last week, THIS is why it is important to roll your extra bucks no matter what**

* herbal essence shampoo/conditioner store sale 2 for 5.97, THIS sunday's paper (3/13) has a buy one
get one free coupon, so 5.97 - 2.99 = 2.98 *YOU WILL EARN 2 extra bucks for buying to also*

* 16 oz bottle of irish spring body wash *only buying this to roll extrabucks*
on sale $2.99 (if you have a coupon use it, i didn't) it will also earn you 2 extrabucks

* Clean and Clear Morning burst body wash 16 ounce. on sale for $2.99
go to and download the 2 off printable coupon it will be 99 cent out of pocket

SO the first coupon subtracted you see is 2.98 (that is the buy one get one free herbal essence one)
The next coupon is the $2 off clean and clear
THEN I am rolling my 7 extrabucks form last week, one was $3 the other was $4, but my total
was 3 cent less so they price adjusted it to 3.97

Using ALL my coupons and extrabucks you see my subtotal is ZERO out of pocket
ALL I am paying is 96 cent sales tax (can't avoid taxes folks hehe)

So 96 cent out of pocket AND i got back a total of $4 in extra bucks (2 for the herbal essence and 2 for
the irish springs).

I also scanned my cvs rewards card and earned a 5 extra buck coupon at the coupon machine
for every 50 i spend in beauty purchases (this total is before coupons also)
so say i spend 50 net worth in products and only pay 10 bucks bc i had coupons - I STILL get that
5 extra bucks :)

This is what the extrabucks I earned today look like (they print on your receipt so gaurd them as if they were cash, bc THEY ARE cash, well, CVS cash) :)

Fantastic, right?! 96 cent OUT of pocket and I earned 4!! - to get started on something like this YOU will have to spend out of pocket first to earn extrabucks! But once you keep rolling them over you will be getting freebies and dirty cheapies in not time at all when you combine coupons :) Have a great week cvs'ing:) I am going to roll my 9 extrabucks more either tomorrow (since it's on the way home) or later on in the week to earn more!