Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Dollar: I think I LOVE You !!

Okay, I let me just say Family Dollar did not ask me to endorse them, nor did they contact me, I am just so tickled pink with them I wanted to write, er, TYPE a review up :)

So in 2005 as new parents, we were so broke most times we couldn't afford ANYTHING. Not a thing, not even wal mart brand (I know, that's pretty much bottom barrel, right?) - Now you know why I am so darn frugal and cheap and clip coupons.

Anyway, MiMi was 6 months old and I went to a Family Dollar, and was amazed at the cute baby stuff they had, most being only 6 bucks for an entire outfit. Most of the dresses and halter sets looked like they came from a boutique. Only, the prices and location were very different. I always got compliments on her Family Dollar outfits :)

I received an Advertisement from Family Dollar in my mailbox yesterday. They had a $5 off $25 coupon (still available for print on and their facebook page). I also clipped the buy one get one 50% off kidgets apparal for boys coupon). You can clip the same ones and print them here:
Family Dollar Printable Coupons
I figured I had nothing to lose, and while I was at it I had two coupons for gain that were expiring today so I loaded the car with my kids and off to Family Dollar we went.

This is what I got:

* Dish tub I needed so I bought it anyway for $3.50
* MiMi's size 7 Easter Dress for only $10
* Ethan's shoes for $5
* Kidgets 3t outfit for $8
* Kidgets 3t outfit for $7 (used kidgets buy one get one 50% off so only paid $3.50)
* Gain detergent on sale for $5 used $1 off manufacturer coupon - $4
* Dryer sheets $2 used $1 off manufacturer coupon - $1
THEN I used my $5 off $25 coupon and my grand total was $32 AFTER taxes

Yep, AMAAAAZING!!! And isn't the dress super cuuute??

I was skeptical at first that the quality might be lacking but NOPE, very high quality, the dress even had an underliner sewed in. PERFECT!!

I bought a similar dress at children's place last year for $40!! Family Dollar's dress (the brand is Extremely me) is way cuter, in my opinion! And for $30 less, can't beat that! Not at all!

Here is Ethan in one of the Kidgets short sets I bought for 7 dollars (was actually 3.50 after the buy one get one 50% off coupon I printed from

I would compare this brand to Kohl's Jumping Beans line, but Kidgets is def. more modern and fun - and CHEAPER :)!

Then there comes the customer service of the employees at the particular store I visited on Cliffdale. PERFECT! So often, (and you can ask anyone of my friends) I am quick to complain if I do not like something. One thing that I have noticed as of recently is a lot of places lack customer service. SO, it was a GREAT surprise, to be greeted upon walking in the store with a "welcome", and a "how are you doing". There is nothing in the world that draws me back to an establishment than good customer service.

Family Dollar, I have to say, with your low prices, great products and exceptional customer service and friendly employees, you pretty much will have me as a weekly shopper :)


  1. I love Family Dollar. I buy a lot of the kids clothes there bc not only are they mad great but they are cheaper then going to a big department store. Plus they do have very cute clothes for me there too.

  2. I have to agree with you :) I used to buy a lot of tops and pj's there, very cute stuff. Most are definatley more fancy than the local department stores as well :)