Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Birthday Surprise for MiMi :)

MiMi's birthday was the 10th. She turned 6. Gosh where does time go??

The day of her birthday we went to have lunch with her at school We brought cupcakes and goodie bags for the class since we don't have birthday parties with a lot of children. (blame the fact I am a nerd and have like NO friends, literally that and no one ever shows up) hehe.

Anyway, I wish we could of gotten photos of the classroom but the teacher wanted to do the treat at the end of the day, so we were not able to partake in that.

We went to my parents that night for the cake they got her.

The following Saturday we went to a friends son's 1st birthday party and on Sunday we had cake with my parents and her aunt.

A few days later my sister spoiled her.

Please ignore my hard woods, my sons walker tore them up when he was a little guy (er, i mean smaller guy..)..wait..nevermind, he's never been little, who am I kidding, he's been in a 3T since he was 1 and a half. HEAVEN help me with him hehe:)

Today her grandparents (Doug's mom & dad) gifted her TONS of American Girl stuff. OH MY GOSH to be this little agian, right?! heeh

A doll carrying case for her dolls and accessories, she was so excited!

MiMi was/is in American Girl Doll heaven right now!

Seriously, this stuff is sooo expensive but SUCH high quality! such cute stuff!

FINALLY a brand that does justice to the quality of dolls we had in the 80's! only it's cuter!! (well, i still miss my rainbow brite dolls) hehe.

I can say she had a pretty awesome birthday and mad out like a fat rat. Uhm, and is it bad if mommy wants to play with dolls again? Probably, but hey it's too cute!!

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