Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sock Monkey Toddler Room..FINALLY painted!

**UPDATE** Here is a daytime photo as promised. I plan to paint the baseboards white, the 60's wooden door is getting replaced w/ a modern paneled one, and i hope to add crown moulding**

If you have been following my progress on my sons room (it has taken MONTHS). Well, since the start and fruition of the idea/theme. My son has never had a bed room. He will be 2 on April 11th. It is my goal to have it done before them (crosses fingers).

Things have been so chaotic with kids, house, home, relationship, family. etc. So things like my projects get put behind A LOT. Especially where money is concerned. (shakes head).

That and my random bursts of no energy and non motivation have caused me to be a slacker.

Well tonight I got the ball in motion and on the move. I not only painted our dresser white..

I also painted Ethan's room.

(Please ignore the small photo/shoddy quality, I am using my old cam bc my new ones batteries are charging).

Yes, as the picture says, I always do my cutting in last. (the area around the windows, ceiling, baseboards etc).

The paint is still drying so you'll have to excuse the un eveness of it all.
It's really beautiful in person, and I hope to take a better LARGER photo in the morning. Good night readers:)

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