Monday, March 28, 2011

Craigslist dresser RE DO all under 100 bucks!!

Once upon a time (last April) I bought a dresser off craigs list. It was solid wood, and for 65 bucks, it was a steal!

It was a cherry wood color, with ALL the scratches to compliment it (can't tell from my photo). My original plan had been to use it for my sons room. I sanded her down:

After I sanded it down, it sat for 8 months. YES, EIGHT FULL MONTHS.
Something about it just didn't scream "boys room" to me. And so for eight months she sat alone in our den until I was done painting Ethan's room one day last week and it hit me!

I thought, well we are painting our bed white, and our current dresser is retro (authentic 60's / 70's mod family hand me down) VERY VERY VERY nice, however, the drawers are so small.

It hit me then, that we'd use our old retro dresser for Ethan's room and I would paint this one WHITE to match the farmhouse bed and go with our new cottage bedroom.

PERFECT! This Sunday I put the last coats on it and she came out PERFECT! :)

Ignore the fact I didn't put all the pulls on yet. I was going to buy them off Ebay when it hit me again, WAIT, I don't have to go to a hardware store and spend 2 bucks or more a pop for new pulls, I have the old kitchen cabinet pulls that I saved when we switched out new pulls in our kitchen.

The previous owners had salmon pink walls and elderly people taste, these floral pulls were not my taste at all. I decided to scuff them up and spray paint them with rustoleum's oil rubbed bronse. PERFECT :)

I may fill in that shell design that is on so many pieces of 80's and 90's furniture with wood putty and paint it lol:)

I took my time doing this piece, and didn't cake on the paint, I made sure it would be a wonderful piece, so much infact the wood grain shows right through the paint :) I am so tickled pink!!

The top looks lighter due to the flash. Yes, I have spray paint and etc on my den carpet, don't worry it's my next room redo:) That carpet is so old it's probably original to the home.

Finally, complete!! Now I can start Ethan's!

I am so in love!! You can not touch a solid wood refinished piece for under 400 bucks by us. TRUST ME, i tried every thrift store in this city. They were selling ugly pieces (original beat up stain) for atleast that price.

Total cost breakdown:

*craigs list dresser - $65
*Olympic white semi gloss paint from lowes - $24
*Good paint brush - $13
*Dresser pulls - FREE (old cabinet pulls)
* Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint - (about 5 bucks had it laying around so FREE)
*Sand paper - $5

Total: $112
You just can't beat that price for a brand new piece of furniture! Can't wait to get this bedroom all together!

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