Sunday, March 20, 2011

$2 CVS Trip (3/20)

My Cvs trip would of been better, except they were pretty much out of EVERYTHING that was earning extra bucks in two of the local stores. Sheesh, people are either catching on, or CVS is getting stingy with their advertised deals:)

Basically I paid $5 out of pocket for everything here after coupons, because I made back $3 extrabucks it's like $2, or less than 30 cent each :)

Here is how to score the same deal *if you have extrabucks* If not you will be paying 9 out of pocket & get 3$ back so it will be like $6 for you. (gotta get started somewhere to save, right?) lol.

ANYWAY, here we go:

CVS has a sale stating if you purchase $12 in participating Suave items (see store add for items) you will earn $3 extra bucks back.

To make the $12 limit I purchased:

* 3 body washes @ $2 each = $6
* 3 kids shampoos @ buy 3 for = $5
* 1 suave deoderant invisible care for $1
My total before coupons is $12

Now break out Sunday's coupon inserts and clip these

* Buy 2 suave body washes get one FREE (-$2 at cvs)
* 50 cent off suave deoderant
* 50 cent off any two kis suave items.

$12 total - $3 in sunday paper coupons = $9

I used my $4 in extrabucks last week so my total was $5 (i actually used a gift card from visa rewards so i didn't even pay a dime out of pocket).

Anyway you get back $3 in extra bucks so $5-$3 = like paying $2 for everything which is less than 30 cent EACH :)

Who loves CVS?! MEEE!

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