Sunday, March 20, 2011

$3 Walgreens Trip (3/20)

I have been staring at the list over at southernsavers the last few weeks. I figured since Walgreen's doesn't require a card to scan I'd give it a shot & see how it rates compared to CVS. I have to say I am impressed.

I got all of this for $5 after coupons & I got a $2 register reward, so that makes my total $3 bucks for $13 worth of merch.

Want to score the same deal? Here is how:

* Plackers 90 count floss piks (i use these religiously!!) = $2
no coupons, but you get back a $2 register reward so it's like FREE

* Old spice deoderant $4.99 + old spice body was $4.99 = $8.98
use buy one old spice deodorant get one old spice body wash free
SO, 8.98-4.99 = $4.99
**STORE sale, buy one old spice get second @ 50% = 4.99/2 = 2.49

* Reach Crystal Clear Tooth Brush= FREE
clip walgreens advertisement coupon that says this tooth brush will be 99 cent
go online and print this coupon for $1 off any reach product:


TOTAL OUT OF POCKET = $2+$2.49=$4.49 + tax
Get a $2 register reward = like getting it all for 3 BUCKS!!

Not even Wal Mart can top this:)

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