Saturday, January 28, 2012

MIA - But so far my Dad is okay..

Thursday night I had cozied up on the couch after a long day and was exhausted from mowing the lawn. I was thinking to myself, "I really need to get into shape, I am setting myself up for failure". As I could feel my headache induced from a spike in blood pressure.

I'd gotten into the shower, thought about taking an aspirin - but ultimately decided against it because it makes my face puffy and makes my stomach hurt.

I was diddly dallying around on face book mobile when my phone beeped once. - This usually means I have a voicemail and my phone decided not to ring on my end.

I think it's probably my sister in Cali. but I go and listen to it anyway and it's my mom, saying "Jenny, this is mom, call me as soon as you get this".

I knew something was wrong right off the bat because; 1.) my mom NEVER calls me and 2.) the tone in her voice followed by no "good bye".

I called her right back and she told me to come over and get her because Dad had a heart attack and was taken by ambulance and they had to go so quick they left her behind.

Doug was outside in his car fixing to head to wal mart and the kids were asleep (it was 1030 pm).

I ran outside in my pj's to stop him and then ran back inside to get dressed and ran out to get my mom. It was a long car ride and I was thinking and praying to God to let him be okay. My mom and I got to the hospital about 11 pm and the ER staff took our info and had us sit down. 2 minutes later a woman from patient relations calls us up and takes us to his ER doctor, who did confirm the heart attack.

He told us he was transferred to the cardiac unit and undergoing surgery.

From there we were taken to a waiting room and sat for 3 hours until a doctor came to bring us to the OR and wait outside.

When we heard my Dad talk it was a sign of relief.  The OR surgeon came out a bit later to let us know he had a 99% blockage in his right ventricle (spell) and they had gone in with a catheter and cleared it out and placed a stint.  He told us it was not a fatty related blockage but a smoker blockage (ick).

Then we saw my father for a quick second as he was being wheeled to surgical ICU. We waited in another lobby for 20 minutes before we could go into the room.

He was on heavy blood thinner and iv's. During the night he started to bleed and the placed a heavy sand bag on him to keep it from bleeding.

His blood pressure was insanely high but by morning it had gone down some. By Saturday it was fully normal but his heart beat was in the low 40's.  They took him off the blood thinners and by noon moved him into a regular room.

As much as I tend to dislike Cape Fear from my own personal HORRIBLE experiences, I have to say the Cardiac Center is ON POINT. It's nice to know that the entire hospital is not bad based on the many horror stories I and other's have encountered. VERY THANKFUL for answered prayers and a wonderful team of doctors, nurses and staff. 

My Dad should be home sometime Monday or Tuesday, but I will continue to pray that he keeps on the recovery path and does well.

I really hope at this point he will stay away from cigarettes for good and realize just how bad they really are.

Thank you to my friends and family for the prayers and well wishes. I appreciate everything!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paint Progress: Pottery Barn Inspired Den Make Over

I have been a busy bee this whole week. I have started the painting process of my carport addition/den make over. It's already a HUGE improvement. Initially, I decided not to paint the wooden trim and beams, but after much consideration, I went ahead and started painting them white.

BOY, am I glad I did! It INSTANTLY opens the entire room. Let me drag you through the painting process of an ugly red room! FIRST I used zinsser primer. Only two coats covered this stuff like magic :)
Before: Yucky Red and Dark Trim
1st coat of primer
All primered up!!
My Paint Choice (a blue/gray/green) Valspar's Lyndhurst Celadon Green
Way Better Already!! :))
(The color is lighter in person than above photo)
Side/Side Shot of Before and After(ish) Trim and Beam Painting
Dark Wooden Beam and Trim Before
First Coat of White Paint on Trim and Wooden Beams.

As you can see from the before and after shots, it is already looking a million times better. I am still debating on painting the brick wall, but so far my gut says GO! :) The paint stained carpet is going next and being traded in for Wide plank wood floors (or I will just attempt to stain the plywood sub floor). I have yet to decide.  This is so tiring to do around my children.

Literally, I have bags under my eyes for days and my back hurts. Did I mention I am afraid of heights? Yeah, it's only a wimpy 3 steps I climb up the ladder, but it's still a lot for me when I look down.

OH, GEEZ :))

More later...

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today I am going to prime my red den walls. I hope it will only take two coats (but we shall see). This room is insanely cluttered with toys etc. I am tempted to put it all on the lawn and post a FREE curb alert on Craig's List at this point :( I am NOT a fan of disorganization. Nor do I like that this room is a stack of things away from an episode of hoarders. No, really, it's pretty bad.

In our defense, we never used the attic as storage. But again, I will feel much better once it's all done and something I ENJOY to look at.

For the time being the color I picked to paint the room is Valspar's Lyndhurst Celadon Green. I will purchase it later and I just HOPE it's the color I envision it to be. Almost a blueish - gray - green. I tried to spy it on google, but only found one room using it (which it looked amazing in).
Alright, off to a day of painting! Wish me luck! :D

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gymbucks Redemption Period 1/20/12

I had $50 in gymbucks to redeem. This basically means I have to spend $100 to only pay $50 (or get it all half off). I am not going to lie, NOT A THING in the kid girls new lines screams "GRAB ME". I literally looked for over an hour, and I didn't want a thing. The things I planned on getting marked down from the winter lines were sold out already.

So I figured, I wasn't going to waste a FREE $50, so I searched for Ethan. TONS of cute stuff, but NOT wanting to pay 38 bucks for a sweater vest - NOT EVEN with gymbucks. hehe!

YES, I am cheap, and I HAVE TO BE :) BUT I did manage to hit up the clearance for him and in the end Pay only 50.38 for everything I got. (pre shipping and taxes).

This is what I purchased:
Fair Isle half zip sweater $22.99 down from $39.99

Blue Spruce Mini Plaid Shirt $14.99 down from $26.95

Chest Stripe Pique Polo Shirt (new Dino line) $18.95
(full price but with gymbucks it was justifiable)

Pre historic Blue Plaid Cargo Shorts (new dino line) $26.95

Gem Bow Necklace Tee (mimi) $5.99 down from $24.95
(this will go with a knit red belted dressy sweater I bought at the outlet last week as will the following..)

Rosette Clip Snap 2 Pack $6.99 down from 8
(wouldn't normally pay this much at all but like I said using gymbucks and it goes with an outfit I bought at the outlet) :)

Bon Bon Bangle Bracelet 6 pack $3.49 down from $10.95

Total original sticker price would of been: $156.74
Sales Price Totals: $100.35
Then I used my $50 in gymbucks and paid only $50.35 for EVERYTHING!!

When you shop like that Gymboree ends up being cheaper than Wal Mart AND Target. You can't beat the quality or style either and they resell great on eBay :) And I will get a 30% off coupon when my order once it arrives and I will use that to shop the clearance next time (if I need to). I think my son is set on winter cloths for the next year already:) - Possibly two b/c he's slender.

Other than that, I have been extremely tired lately with no energy what so ever. I think my days of insomnia have caught up with me. I was going to attempt to prime the den on the weekdays, but having to get up early for my daughter's school would not mix well, so I am postponing it until the weekend. Hopefully I make some progress. Good day, readers :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red Den, you are my NEXT big project!

I wrote a bit back about falling head over heals in love with a photo I spotted in a Pottery Barn catalog months ago. I even went as far as to ask on PB's facebook page if they knew the color. The kind person running the page informed me they did not know because it was an owner photo.  Whomever owns this room, you're some where out there and i just wanted to compliment you on your excellent taste!

That being said, now that the holiday's are over, I went to Lowe's today with my gift card in hand and purchased some more primer (it will take a bit to cover these red walls - what was I thinking??)..

I then ventured for paint swatches. I started with 6 swatches with 3 colors on each. I quickly narrowed it down to 2 swatches and 3 colors.  These are the colors (nearly accurate, I should attempt another photo in the morning with natural lighting):
I was thinking Alpine Shadow, but my first choice was I am leaning towards Lyndhurst Celedon Green.

Oh decisions...

I broke out that photo in the PG catalog again:
It would seem that Aspiration is a near spot on match.

For the time being I am leaving my wooden beams their dark color..and I am still debating on painting my red brick wall white or not.

I want too, but the only thing deterring me is the fact that it's so permanent..what if I sell one day and a potential client sees it as a take away from the original..

How long will the painted brick walls be in style? I love them white..

I consulted with my father, a real estate broker who told me, "If it was about 5 years ago, I'd think painting a red brick wall in a room extension would be a cardinal sin; but the market today is younger people with a modern eye, and I'd say paint that and make it look fresh!".

I have to admit, hearing nearly 56 year old father say that had me giggle a bit, but then again, my dad usually does say funny things. :)

So reader's, what do you think? 1, 2 or 3?
(I should note the above photo, the camera flash made things brighter, the walls are more burgundy in person).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

MiMi's Room

Remember that hideous dresser (nasty) I bought off craigslist? The one I re did for MiMi?
This one HERE.

I don't think I ever even posted photos of it in her room. *shrug* Sometimes I get beyond lazy and forgetful. So here we go:

I also went to the gymboree outlet in Smithfield, NC this week and they had an awesome sale. I bought 5 things for $55 (tax included) and got back $25 in gymbucks.

Here is Ethan in two of the tops I got him:
He also got some pants and another half zip sweater (for 8 bucks with a normally near $30 price tag - I had to snag) and like always i get a size up so they can wear it next year too.

MiMi got this shirt, but the pants she got for Christmas from her grandparents (cute).
I only ever shop the sales, I am way too broke to buy anything else wise, but they always resell well on consignment, so it's a win/win situation for me:) Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Freebie at Wal Mart + OVERAGE :) (1/10/12-1/15/12)

Go to type in zip code 90210 (or your own if it shows).

Print the $3 off ANY benefiber packets.

You can print this coupon twice per computer.

Go to Wal Mart and in the vitamin isle by the fiber/laxatives you will see these drink mixes (some are actually located on the end cap of said isle). Buy the ones that have 3 packets for $1.97 each.

This will make each packet FREE plus you will have $1.03 in overage to use on another purchase :)

I LOVE the Benefiber cherry pomegranate one. They say to use one packet per bottle of water but I always cut it in half b/c it's way too sweet and way too much food coloring if you use the whole packet.

Happy couponing! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cheap Charmin at CVS

How did everyone ring in their New Year? I spent mine buying cheap toilet paper. I know, I know - I am the most exciting person ever (kidding). But, it's exciting to me anyway. The week of January 1st-7th CVS had a promotion going - where if you spend $30 in select products you would earn a $10 cash card back (limit 5 per customer per week).

This particular week they had the 12 double rolls of Charmin on sale for $5.49. Given that these are near $6 at Wal Mart AND other stores, I decided since I was making $10 back it'd be a steal.

I didn't have any Charmin or P&g coupons this week, BUT if you did - you could of gotten an even killer deal on these.

My first transaction I bought 6 packages of the Charmin 12 double rolls and my total was $32.94 + tax.
First I used a $5 off $25 coupon CVS mailed me earlier that week, brought it down to $27.94
I handed in my $2 ecb from fall spending and made it $25.94
I handed in my $5 ecb from a make up transaction the week before
down to $20.94.
Lastly, I handed in a $10 cvs card my sister mailed me as part of a Christmas gift.
Total? $10.94 for 72 rolls of CHARMIN :) AND?!
I got back a green CVS cash card with $10 on it!! WOOHOO!!

The next day I decided to do the same transaction except paid $20.94 the second time (handing in my CVS cash card from my prior transaction) and got back another $10 cash card :)

So for a grand total of $31.88 out of pocket I got
144 DOUBLE ROLLS of Charmin toilet paper AND still have a $10 cash card to spend:) So it's like I got all of that for $21.88:)
Making my CHARMIN toilet paper only 15 CENTS per roll!

NOW THAT is a steal! AND we've saved TONS of money and probably won't have to by toilet paper for a good while.

Tonight I did another fantastic money saver. I have told ya'll about this site, where I basically swap out the children's excellent used condition clothing for swap credits and money, right? - It's not much money you earn $5-$9 for a box, BUT the great thing is you can use that money to purchase other member's boxes (which I have and my kids are set for a good while). OR you can cash out on paypal. Well, given that I've done all my kid's shopping for a while I cashed out tonight and bought 2 boxes of snuggle blue sparkle dyer sheets (200 ct each) for under $6 each on with 97 cent shipping. So 400 dryer sheets basically FREE for trading in my kids used clothing. Since I went through I hit my budget to earn a $10 cvs gift card :) YAY!

SO FREE dryer sheets AND a $10 cvs gift card :) AND we all know I used that to roll money and make more at CVS.

Hopefully 2012 will keep us saving money so that the kids have more things to do. Really, when you are broke, it's the only way to get by. Bargain hunting, couponing and rolling your money to make money. We are truly blessed!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

..Enter 2012

This past year wasn't the worst of years, nor was it the best.

But in many ways, instead of thinking on the negative side of things (which I typically tend to do, despite being positive in person)..I'd like to thank God for all of his blessings in 2011.

I am thankful for all of our health, my children's smiling faces DAILY, having a roof over our heads, food in our bellies,and the basic things needed to provide for our two children.

I am perfectly content with my small house, or the fact I don't have money to splurge.

I am just thankful the Lord has given us the tools to support our children.  In 2011 I started to coupon in a big way (I was always a cheap coupon clipper but never really hit up sales and bulk shopped).

I noticed almost right away how much money we were saving by couponing and I am thankful to stores like CVS who offer rewards programs, so that families like ours, that live paycheck to paycheck can shop sales and roll the extra bucks.

I know it sounds like a weird thing to be thankful for, but I AM.

Because we have couponed for our needed items, we are able to comfortably pay bills, and buy down Doug's credit debt.

I am also thankful to have not lost anyone this past year. (As death of a loved one is my top fear).

I am also very blessed that the Lord has kept me healthy (as far as I know) because I don't have health insurance and haven't been to a doctor in a while.

My hopes are that 2012 brings continued HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND FINANCIAL STABILITY to all our family and friends (and us).

I pray that people find a little more compassion in others and offer time or donations to those in need when the time arises if they are able to help. So many families are struggling this year and one should always think "what if that were my loved ones or myself".

Let's all make 2012 about compassion and love for our fellow neighbors.

I don't have a New Years Resolution (or a typical one anyway). But I do intend to continue to give time to my daughter's school when I can, the kids in my neighborhood when they need someone to talk to and try to better myself in helping others. There is no greater joy than the joy of bringing joy to some one else.

God bless you all and may you prosper in 2012. ((hugs))