Saturday, January 28, 2012

MIA - But so far my Dad is okay..

Thursday night I had cozied up on the couch after a long day and was exhausted from mowing the lawn. I was thinking to myself, "I really need to get into shape, I am setting myself up for failure". As I could feel my headache induced from a spike in blood pressure.

I'd gotten into the shower, thought about taking an aspirin - but ultimately decided against it because it makes my face puffy and makes my stomach hurt.

I was diddly dallying around on face book mobile when my phone beeped once. - This usually means I have a voicemail and my phone decided not to ring on my end.

I think it's probably my sister in Cali. but I go and listen to it anyway and it's my mom, saying "Jenny, this is mom, call me as soon as you get this".

I knew something was wrong right off the bat because; 1.) my mom NEVER calls me and 2.) the tone in her voice followed by no "good bye".

I called her right back and she told me to come over and get her because Dad had a heart attack and was taken by ambulance and they had to go so quick they left her behind.

Doug was outside in his car fixing to head to wal mart and the kids were asleep (it was 1030 pm).

I ran outside in my pj's to stop him and then ran back inside to get dressed and ran out to get my mom. It was a long car ride and I was thinking and praying to God to let him be okay. My mom and I got to the hospital about 11 pm and the ER staff took our info and had us sit down. 2 minutes later a woman from patient relations calls us up and takes us to his ER doctor, who did confirm the heart attack.

He told us he was transferred to the cardiac unit and undergoing surgery.

From there we were taken to a waiting room and sat for 3 hours until a doctor came to bring us to the OR and wait outside.

When we heard my Dad talk it was a sign of relief.  The OR surgeon came out a bit later to let us know he had a 99% blockage in his right ventricle (spell) and they had gone in with a catheter and cleared it out and placed a stint.  He told us it was not a fatty related blockage but a smoker blockage (ick).

Then we saw my father for a quick second as he was being wheeled to surgical ICU. We waited in another lobby for 20 minutes before we could go into the room.

He was on heavy blood thinner and iv's. During the night he started to bleed and the placed a heavy sand bag on him to keep it from bleeding.

His blood pressure was insanely high but by morning it had gone down some. By Saturday it was fully normal but his heart beat was in the low 40's.  They took him off the blood thinners and by noon moved him into a regular room.

As much as I tend to dislike Cape Fear from my own personal HORRIBLE experiences, I have to say the Cardiac Center is ON POINT. It's nice to know that the entire hospital is not bad based on the many horror stories I and other's have encountered. VERY THANKFUL for answered prayers and a wonderful team of doctors, nurses and staff. 

My Dad should be home sometime Monday or Tuesday, but I will continue to pray that he keeps on the recovery path and does well.

I really hope at this point he will stay away from cigarettes for good and realize just how bad they really are.

Thank you to my friends and family for the prayers and well wishes. I appreciate everything!


  1. I am glad your father is ok...It must have been a scary ordeal.

  2. Thank you so much :) I really appreciate your kind words :)