Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red Den, you are my NEXT big project!

I wrote a bit back about falling head over heals in love with a photo I spotted in a Pottery Barn catalog months ago. I even went as far as to ask on PB's facebook page if they knew the color. The kind person running the page informed me they did not know because it was an owner photo.  Whomever owns this room, you're some where out there and i just wanted to compliment you on your excellent taste!

That being said, now that the holiday's are over, I went to Lowe's today with my gift card in hand and purchased some more primer (it will take a bit to cover these red walls - what was I thinking??)..

I then ventured for paint swatches. I started with 6 swatches with 3 colors on each. I quickly narrowed it down to 2 swatches and 3 colors.  These are the colors (nearly accurate, I should attempt another photo in the morning with natural lighting):
I was thinking Alpine Shadow, but my first choice was Aspiration..now I am leaning towards Lyndhurst Celedon Green.

Oh decisions...

I broke out that photo in the PG catalog again:
It would seem that Aspiration is a near spot on match.

For the time being I am leaving my wooden beams their dark color..and I am still debating on painting my red brick wall white or not.

I want too, but the only thing deterring me is the fact that it's so permanent..what if I sell one day and a potential client sees it as a take away from the original..

How long will the painted brick walls be in style? I love them white..

I consulted with my father, a real estate broker who told me, "If it was about 5 years ago, I'd think painting a red brick wall in a room extension would be a cardinal sin; but the market today is younger people with a modern eye, and I'd say paint that and make it look fresh!".

I have to admit, hearing nearly 56 year old father say that had me giggle a bit, but then again, my dad usually does say funny things. :)

So reader's, what do you think? 1, 2 or 3?
(I should note the above photo, the camera flash made things brighter, the walls are more burgundy in person).

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