Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today I am going to prime my red den walls. I hope it will only take two coats (but we shall see). This room is insanely cluttered with toys etc. I am tempted to put it all on the lawn and post a FREE curb alert on Craig's List at this point :( I am NOT a fan of disorganization. Nor do I like that this room is a stack of things away from an episode of hoarders. No, really, it's pretty bad.

In our defense, we never used the attic as storage. But again, I will feel much better once it's all done and something I ENJOY to look at.

For the time being the color I picked to paint the room is Valspar's Lyndhurst Celadon Green. I will purchase it later and I just HOPE it's the color I envision it to be. Almost a blueish - gray - green. I tried to spy it on google, but only found one room using it (which it looked amazing in).
Alright, off to a day of painting! Wish me luck! :D

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