Saturday, January 14, 2012

MiMi's Room

Remember that hideous dresser (nasty) I bought off craigslist? The one I re did for MiMi?
This one HERE.

I don't think I ever even posted photos of it in her room. *shrug* Sometimes I get beyond lazy and forgetful. So here we go:

I also went to the gymboree outlet in Smithfield, NC this week and they had an awesome sale. I bought 5 things for $55 (tax included) and got back $25 in gymbucks.

Here is Ethan in two of the tops I got him:
He also got some pants and another half zip sweater (for 8 bucks with a normally near $30 price tag - I had to snag) and like always i get a size up so they can wear it next year too.

MiMi got this shirt, but the pants she got for Christmas from her grandparents (cute).
I only ever shop the sales, I am way too broke to buy anything else wise, but they always resell well on consignment, so it's a win/win situation for me:) Have a great weekend, everyone!

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