Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cheap Charmin at CVS

How did everyone ring in their New Year? I spent mine buying cheap toilet paper. I know, I know - I am the most exciting person ever (kidding). But, it's exciting to me anyway. The week of January 1st-7th CVS had a promotion going - where if you spend $30 in select products you would earn a $10 cash card back (limit 5 per customer per week).

This particular week they had the 12 double rolls of Charmin on sale for $5.49. Given that these are near $6 at Wal Mart AND other stores, I decided since I was making $10 back it'd be a steal.

I didn't have any Charmin or P&g coupons this week, BUT if you did - you could of gotten an even killer deal on these.

My first transaction I bought 6 packages of the Charmin 12 double rolls and my total was $32.94 + tax.
First I used a $5 off $25 coupon CVS mailed me earlier that week, brought it down to $27.94
I handed in my $2 ecb from fall spending and made it $25.94
I handed in my $5 ecb from a make up transaction the week before
down to $20.94.
Lastly, I handed in a $10 cvs card my sister mailed me as part of a Christmas gift.
Total? $10.94 for 72 rolls of CHARMIN :) AND?!
I got back a green CVS cash card with $10 on it!! WOOHOO!!

The next day I decided to do the same transaction except paid $20.94 the second time (handing in my CVS cash card from my prior transaction) and got back another $10 cash card :)

So for a grand total of $31.88 out of pocket I got
144 DOUBLE ROLLS of Charmin toilet paper AND still have a $10 cash card to spend:) So it's like I got all of that for $21.88:)
Making my CHARMIN toilet paper only 15 CENTS per roll!

NOW THAT is a steal! AND we've saved TONS of money and probably won't have to by toilet paper for a good while.

Tonight I did another fantastic money saver. I have told ya'll about this site, where I basically swap out the children's excellent used condition clothing for swap credits and money, right? - It's not much money you earn $5-$9 for a box, BUT the great thing is you can use that money to purchase other member's boxes (which I have and my kids are set for a good while). OR you can cash out on paypal. Well, given that I've done all my kid's shopping for a while I cashed out tonight and bought 2 boxes of snuggle blue sparkle dyer sheets (200 ct each) for under $6 each on with 97 cent shipping. So 400 dryer sheets basically FREE for trading in my kids used clothing. Since I went through I hit my budget to earn a $10 cvs gift card :) YAY!

SO FREE dryer sheets AND a $10 cvs gift card :) AND we all know I used that to roll money and make more at CVS.

Hopefully 2012 will keep us saving money so that the kids have more things to do. Really, when you are broke, it's the only way to get by. Bargain hunting, couponing and rolling your money to make money. We are truly blessed!

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