Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Obligatory Disney World Blog.

I feel semi redundant when I say, "I rarely blog anymore". Because, truth be told, while I don't tend to graze over my own blog (or spell, or grammar check it for that matter) - I'm all too sure I've said that a time or two.  Between work and kids, I feel my blog gets neglected. I wish I were super mom and could manage everything, but I just fall short - I've come to realize at 31, that's okay.

So, something exciting, and blog worthy, was in July we went to Disney World.

It was many wonderful things.

It was many NOT so wonderful things.

It was hot and humid. It was stormy near daily. You'd break out a poncho in the rain just to take it off moments later and put up with the heat and humidity all over again.  THE LINES..oh my world, the lines would range from 10 minutes for the not so demanding rides, to an hour for the great ones.  During the long lines, you'd just hope the people in your vicinity were kind enough to rock a stick of deodorant.

I'm sure Disney would make a small fortune selling traveler sized deodorants..I was bad..

I don't think I've every been around so many people who didn't know how to use it.

But that's just my little gripe.

The parks were immaculate. Employees would walk around constantly cleaning up after people who didn't know how to make proper use of the HUNDREDS of trash cans posted at every corner. Literally, people are that rude. So, kudos to the amazing employees who have to put up with that and keep the place beautiful for the visitors.

Here are a few photos I took while walking around the park.

This one is Rapunzel's Tower. Message me if you would like to purchase 
an unwatermarked print, it will print up to 20x30 in size: 

Below: Scenes from the Swiss Family Robinson

And some random cell phone shots I took:
Cinderella's Castle 
 Beautiful Sky @ Epcot

Dashboard Legs
  DIY bathsalts @ Basin @ Downtown Disney :)

 Cute Treat from Pop Century's on sight diner

 Trying to be cool.
 The kids having fun..
 Pluto & Bubba

My daughter & I 

We stayed at Pop Century - I loved it. I never did get into the pools, but I was too fascinated with the random amazing things going on for each decade. I mean, giant potato heads? Take me back to my 80's childhood, why dontcha ;) ??

One of my favorite parts of Disney happened at a restaurant - it was at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.  Not because the food was great (which, it was by the way). I have to say it was the princess'. One in particular (my own favorite Disney Princess, Snow White.  In fact, she made my favorite memory for my son.  So there they were, the princess, parading around with the children, letting us take photos of them galore, when this gorgeous one, Snow White comes along. She was just he most friendliest character ever..

She posed in pictures with the kids (my son got shy and sauntered off).

She pauses, she looks at him and says, "You remind me of someone I know. His name is, Bashful."

 She smiles and says, "Come here, I have something for you". She bends down and kisses his forehead.

The look on his face says it all.  WHOEVER, she is, she is amazing. THANK YOU for this memory for my little guy!

Of course there were the other beautiful princess', Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, & Cinderella:

Another day we went to Animal Kingdom at another dining establishment & saw a few of the characters:

A few random shots of the kiddos from around the park:

And then this happened when we were waiting to take a photo with Pluto. Tired Pluto had to take a break. Ethan wanted to pout because of the heat, a little girl took note of this and inched closer and closer until she was close enough to scope him out. I was in stitches:

I liked this place because of all the plants, but can't remember for the life of me what it was called, I WANT those sunflowers!

They waited patiently for The Haunted Mansion: