Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random thoughts

Random thoughts, er facts, or whatever at midnight:

* Why can't I sleep like a normal person. / Why do I feel the urge to clean every single thing in my home before sleep is achieved?

* My tooth is annoying me, I should really save money to go to the dentist instead of hoping it will go away. Teeth are important to me and I know better than to put it off. (It's a bad filling from a bad dentist)..

* I am so busy I have no friends to socialize with :( / My kids have become my friends (good for the time being, bad for later on?? I haven't made my mind up yet. I just know I wish I had someone to socialize with and walk with in the mornings).

* My cousin's wedding is in 2 weeks and I still haven't lost weight. (I stress eat).

* My house smells like lemon Mr. Clean, because I wanted to give Pine Sol a rest :)

* Doug is asleep on the couch. Doug ALWAYS passes out on the couch.

* My dad called me at 9 pm (I was passed out on the recliner) to ask me what the weather was like..
   He lives 10 minutes away, the weather is the same ;) lol..haha..oh geez..

* I am getting too old for my age..or maybe I think I am supposed to still have this youthful glow? Hi-ya crows feet..Oh, you're a sign of a happy person? hmm, okay just delay the grays a bit longer:)

* It's still too hot and humid in my city, but atleast it is cool in the mornings. THANK YOU, MAN UPSTAIRS!

* I am going to be 29 in November and I STILL get a random pimple. The heck?

* I miss my sister... A LOT

* Do apple's really not fall far from the tree?

* Is it wrong to religiously watch the Jersey Shore & Teen Mom at my age?

* My lawn needs to be mowed, the hedges need to be trimmed, and I need the exercise, I should do that tomorrow.

* I STILL have not finished Ethan's room (it's been near a year now).

I think I am going to bed. Sleep well, friends!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another one bites the dust

I hate when that happens. I went into the living room to see my (well, my daughter's that I stole) slinky in a ball of tangles on the couch. I managed to untangle it this much and it's too warped to fix.

No more guilty pleasure nights of watching Jersey Shore and Teen Mom and whatever other late night drama I can find whilst tossing the rainbow slinky back and forth.

Whatever will my super boring - have no life outside of my kids, personality type do now? ((sigh))..

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I hate bugs..

In about 2 weeks we will be taking the 10 hour drive up to Jersey for my cousin's wedding. MiMi will be the flower girl and she is so excited.

Why is my title "I hate bugs"? Well, we will be staying in a hotel for two days. If you know me, you know I have a slight mental issue with bugs. Particularly the kind that super infest (fleas, bed bugs, roaches, bla bla). Thankfully in my lifetime I've ONLY ever had to deal with fleas. AND I PRAY it stays that way (knock on wood).

With bed bugs being an epidemic of sorts, I am naturally paranoid about staying in a hotel that houses a different person nightly. I even found a website that tells you if the hotel you are looking into has a bed bug report (bedbugreports.com). So far no reports *whew*. I will be keeping my luggage in the car until I need to take it out. I'll hang MiMi's dress on the shower bar until it is needed to wear (which I may put on her last minute at the church so she doesn't stainit somehow in that short car ride).

I will check the matress' and behind photos hanging on the wall (Yes, I AM THAT ANAL).

I used to not give a honk about bugs, I used to play with bugs as a kid. But knowing how hard it is to eradicate bugs, I don't want to take my chances. So if anything it gives my mentality a peace of mind. ;)

I am elated to visit Jersey again. It's been a good near 3 years AND I miss it!! I think we'll only spend one day in Hazlet the rest will be in another city. I would love to visit the beach again, but I don't know if time will allow it. If MiMi wasn't in school and we didn't have to rush to get her back I'd stay the entire week.

Hopefully this summer we can go back though, I hate not being able to see my family up there. Jersey is so beautiful!

Other than that, I am glad the weekend is here and I have had some time to catch up on sleep. It's been a great but tiresome week :)

MiMi is getting another box from thredup today and that always excites me :D We have sent a ton of boxes also so earned credits to get the ones we picked COMPLETELY free! Don't forget if you sign up under me you get the $10 credit and can try a box for just $5.95 and I will get $10 credit when you send your first box:)  - Thanks to my two friends who have sent boxes and earned me $20 already:) My kid enjoyed the free clothing that we redeemed the credits on :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Of First Grade..

The time has come. First grade. It's weird, but I remember her first day of pre - k like it was JUST yesterday. I have a crystal clear image of her first teachers, how I adored them for being such a huge impact on her life. I remember her first day of kindergarten the same way. First grade was a little different. I have been babysitting and I was pushing Ethan in the stroller, carrying a bag full of the school's wishlist items in one hand and the little girl I babysit on my left hip. We waited outside for the doors to open for a good 30 minutes. My back was aching. :)

Another mom was making small talk with me (which I love, by the way because I usually look like the dorky adult that stares into space in a huge crowd). FINALLLLY the doors opened and I walked MiMi to her class room. I took one photo, yes, one lol:) With one baby girl on my hip and my son screaming like the wild child he is, I figured I did not want any evil eyes from other parents (haha)..no, really, my son can be that wild.
Her teacher..SHE IS SOOOO SOOOO SWEET! I can say I have NEVER met someone who is so KIND, GENUINE and wears a CONSTANT smile! I have only met her twice now, but I ADORE her already. When you think of teacher's, she is the teacher you think you'd LOVE for your child to have.

One who actually enjoys the job. You know, a real people's person.. And as far as I am concerned that means a good Christmas for her;)

So, MiMi enjoys school already & I am so happy about that:)
*ahem* notice her hair? Yep, miss frugal over here (me) cut it for her:)

Enjoy your week, everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I love dragonflies...

If you know me, you certainly know I have an affinity for dragonflies. I have made dragonfly pillows for my couch, I have a dragonfly wind chime, a dragonfly towel hanger in my bathroom, and a small dragonfly plant pot clinger, that i put on a picture frame because I love them so much. To me they represent luck. They always have.

So last night, I was sitting in the recliner, and I hear this rustling noise. I am thinking "Dear God, please NO MICE!". I lean over to look in the candle holder only to be smacked in the forehead at 2 am, by (at the time) God only knows..

I thought "OH MY GAAAAAH, it must be a HUGE waterbug/american roach". AAAAH!

Doug rushed in to see what was the matter. Then told me it was a dragonfly. I semi calmed down, except it was flying so hard and heavy and bumping into everything it nearly gave my old soul a heart attack.

Eventually it went on the cabinet top to sleep - I guess?

The next morning I seen it chilling on my window sill:
I was wondering how to catch it - with out killing it..

Eventually I settled on thinking a glass cup with a piece of card stock paper SHOULD work..

The only glass cup I had in my cabinet was (of all things- a DRAGONFLY cup) lol, sweet irony!! ;)

I scooped him up and stuck the paper between the glass.

Of course, I had to admire him for a good 10 minutes before I actually went outside and set it free. So beautiful!!!
I think, what are the odds a dragonfly greets me at 2 am? I consider this a sign of good to come. Or if not, maybe a sign things will be okay :) Who knew a critter bug could make me smile so big today?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where do I keep my couponing finds?

Randomly if I post a deal on here people usually ask where I keep everything.

I have to admit, I don't do extreme couponing like most.

Believe it or not IT DOES cost money to make a huge stock pile and I don't have the money to invest in multiple papers or worry that a product will go bad before I can use it.

And I am cheap and frugal, and it cost a lot to cloth and feed two beautiful kiddos:)

But, I like to think I save the family as much money as I can = When I can by stocking up on non perishables when on sale and with coupons!  This all takes of space of course and you know me, small house, small space! Make it happen!

I DO however extreme save. CVS is my fav. place to coupon because they offer great incentives for their shoppers.

I haven't too much couponed in a while, and that is because my closet has plenty:)

I feel blessed with what we were able to get for next to nothing with our coupons, and I like to store them in my hall closet.

This bad boy was CLUTTERED bad before. (I did not take a before photo) but I used a bathroom cart rack our old roomie gave us that was collecting dust and put it to use as a body wash/shampoo & conditioner rack.
I used the old plastic drawer bins I got out of MiMi's closet when I did her closet makeover (blog below) and used that to store toothpaste, deodorants, tissues, diapers, wipes and pinesol.
I used my top shelf for laundry detergent and dish soap (I have 20 I got for free using coupons/dish soap that is). I also put my paint on this shelf.
My middle shelf has 15 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner that I got for 40 cent at my local Harris Teeter (note I have been buying these for MONTHS, i did NOT get them all during one sale, I'd get 5 each super doubles trip). I also use these to clean my tub :)  Then I have two 1 gallon jugs of Murphy oil soap and two reg. bottles of it (not on sale but I LOVE this stuff and it kills bugs). It also has my sewing machine and other stuff.
I think I did a good job decluttering (but you wouldn't know because I did not take a before photo, but if my below blog with my daughter's BEFORE closet is any testament to how cluttered this one could be, take it for face value) :) hhahaha! I am DONE decluttering and organizing for the night. I would paint the walls of this closet, but it's nothing fancy, if I get bored enough I am sure I will. I haven't painted the inside of the old green doors because I am gambling on getting new paneled ones next tax time as a gift to myself. Until next time, sweet dreams, friends!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My daughter's SMALL closet make over - good bye CLUTTER - hello PRETTY IN PINK & STORAGE!

When I refurbished this dresser, I knew I had to do something with my daughter's old dresser.

I knew right away what I would do. Her closet was non functional, as I had been hoarding toys and other odds and ends in it for so long that we never used it as anything BUT that :( BOO!

As you know, small spaces have limited storage.

After I decluttered THIS hot mess:

I swept and mopped and broke out the paint my Dad lent me from my sister's old bedroom & started to paint.
The paint, being 9 years old was extra strong smelling. I am going to guess most paints were strong before the odorless stuff came out?
Don't know, don't care, it was my pleasure to put the first coat of paint that closet has EVER had on it since this house was built in the 60's.
I had Doug remove the shelf (I have plans for that later).

AND I added her old dresser to the closet. Well-Doug did actually & it was a HUGE PAIN, it did not fit, he had to disassemble and re assemble it in that small space (hehe sorry, dear).

But in the end, pretty in pink prevails and her old dresser now houses toys, baby doll blankets and other clutter.
SUPER WIN!!!! Her new dresser I refurbished will house her clothing.

I LOVE making space and PRETTY on a low budget in a SMALL house!! FREE PROJECT for me!
Before:( BOOOO!!

And After:)
I seriously can't WAIT to show MiMi in the morning:)

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Just call me lumpy..

Before I get into my title topic, what did I do tonight?

I painted. I painted the ugly closet of my daughter's that has been a HOARDER FEST OF ALL HER OLD BABY STUFF.

After watching the hoarders shows ONE too many times (haha), I realized that I could easily become a hoarder and pack rat.

I think that show saved me from doing so, because I have finally been able to let things go. SERIOUSLY.

I'll take before and after closet photos when I am all done.

What was once an off white scratched the heck up ORIGINAL 60's drywall (probably with original lead paint). Is now a pale pink.

The paint? 9 year old ice pink from my Dad's house.

It PRRRRROBABLY was NOT the best idea to paint with such old paint. It was free, it saved me 12 bucks, and it's a closet, so I didn't mind;)

My lungs may tell you a different story..

Moving along..

Just call me lumpy..
For about a month I had been experiencing sporadic sharp and shooting pain in my right side in my rib cage. It was bad.
SO BAD it would take my breath away and scare me.
BUT it came and went so fast.
I am literally talking about, snap your fingers. That is how fast it would come and go.

Because it came and went so fast I blew it off as nothing.
I mean I knew it was something, but I just figured if I ignore it - it will go away.

Two nights ago I was laying down and I felt so full. I couldn't eat without feeling full after two bites. This time the pain would radiate in my lung and back area.

I would even get it quick in the back of my head.

I thought, maybe it's a pinched artery?

This same time frame (two days ago) I happened to feel my rib on the right and thought "geez this feels swollen" I felt the left side, and it felt bigger too, but thought, well maybe it's because I am chubby.

But as I am feeling the right side again I notice it's a fist shaped lump.
I turn to Doug and I say "feel this, does this feel normal".

He eagle eyes me, and proceeds to feel my Lumpkins (haha). He says "no, it's not normal" and he also says the other side does not have this.

So I consult the google God's, but I can't seem to get an answer on my symptoms or the lump, so I gave up.

I don't have insurance and I figure if I am feeling it more or worse I'll eventually drag myself to a doctor.

Personally? I will have a heart attack seeing a doctor's bill with out insurance for one, so it would kind of rule the purpose of my going in out.

But on the real, if it's still there after my cousin's wedding in Jersey, in September I will force myself to go see a doctor.

In the meantime? I am just going to live with my non painful fist sized rib cage lump.

I will post closet photos tomorrow :) Good night, dears!!

I am excited :)

Starting Monday, we will have a little extra income. I feel extremely blessed to be watching my sister's best friend's little girl :)

I hate to sound cliche, but I remember days earlier, praying for something, ANYTHING in the means of income. We do not live beyond our means, and do everything ourselves to save money.

So when my sister's friend said she would hire me to watch her little one, I was ecstatic! My son will have someone close to his own age to play with and I strongly feel it will help in in areas where his speech has concerned me :) I do not know a single person with a child close to my son's age, so this is great for us all.

Yesterday I took my daughter to the store to finish up the "needed" school shopping.

The thing she was most excited about?

Hello Kitty Panties!!

haha, yep..

But, I do remember as a kid I liked to pick out the character undergarments as well. For me it was cabbage patch kids & punky brewster. I thought I was so cool.

I knew no one could see them, but I still felt cool. lol :)

So, my Dad lent me some pink paint, and I am on a mission to paint MiMi's closet tonight. clearing it out will be annoying, but my first plan of action after painting it is to move her old tall dresser in there and use that to store toys and other things.

Then I can move the dresser I refurbished in her actual room. Oh, I hate that things take so long to get accomplished sometimes, but, have to make do with the time I have.

If I am feeling extra energized, I'll attempt to finish the stain on Ethan's bed. This is really taking way too long :/ I pray I do not lose my motivation...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i LOVE consignment sales!!

Twice a year, there is a HUGE and super awesome consignment sale in my city. Usually Fall & Spring time. I always mean to consign my children's clothing, but get caught up in something else.

I didn't really have money to go, but figured I could spare $20 and see what I could find.

First of all, I found a BRAND new WITH TAGS gymboree barn jacket, BUT Ethan would swim in it :( And If I didn't have other stuff I wanted to get, I would of bought it anyway and held onto it:) Who knows, it may still be around when the sale goes half off.

This is what I did find though:
* Gymboree hooded striped coat (for Ethan)- $4
* Gymboree bear pull over " " $3
* Gymboree train longsleeve shirt " " $2

As for MiMi, with her being older, the pickings were slim. There wasn't much nice stuff to be honest in her size, most were terribly faded or looked like they were something I wore as a child. (flashbacks).

I did find an adorable gray knit long sleeve hooded limited too sweater shirt though for $3!! It's freaking adorable on her!! Limited Too must run SMALL!! this thing is a size 12 girls! my gosh, my kid normally takes an 8 or 7, but here lately she's been in 10's (still 7 bottoms though).
PS! See how horribly scratched up my floors are in this room? This is from an AWEFUL product called mop 'n glo! NEVERRRRR EVERRRR put it on your hard woods, EVERRRR! - The refinisher that is! It is NOT compatible with ANY cleanind solution other than mop 'n glo products and it will RUIN your finish:( I used to have BEAUTIFUL hardwoods, and would use Holloway House to refinish them with a nice clear coat. For some reason the man of hte houe went cheap and bought mop 'n glo..and well, I WILL NEVER EVER EVER switch brands again. Once I ever refinish / stain them again, Holloway house will be the ONLY product I use on them. Mop 'n Glo is HORRIBLE! I have googled reviews as well and I am not the only one who has had their hardwood floors destroyed by this crap! I don't know how they are in business :( (frown)!! ANWAY..(haha, sorry)..
I think it's adorable on her! What a great fit!
(her brother was hugging her)

In total I spent $12. Not bad for some cute- like new - stuff:) Anyone have an fantastic plans for the weekend? I plan on putting the last coats of stain on Ethan's bed & dresser & PRAYING I get his room done. It's only been 2 years (sigh).

I am also going to declutter and paint MiMi's closet. Wish me luck :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

School is around the corner..AGAIN..

I love my little girl. I remember when I first had her, her first year went by so slow. I remember thinking, "I am so stressed, this baby never sleeps, she won't sleep alone, she spits up all he time, but I love her more than anything". I remember hoping the first year would go by a little faster because I felt entirely overwhelmed as a new mom. I had no friends - my former lifestyle and my new lifestyle would clash. People I thought would stick by me through thick and thin, didn't. I learned a lot about myself that year. I went from working two full time jobs, to suddenly being an at home mom. I was not used to this. I used to be the kind of person that NEEDED to be busy with work and other things to keep myself happy.

Suddently I traded in my late nights of working, for late nights of cleaning, diapers and spit up. It wasn't all bad. I learned a new kind of love. I learned priorities. I learned I could love some one unconditionally no matter what.

Eventually though the years did go by. She turned 2, then 3. By the time she was 4 I had Ethan a month and a day after her 4th birthday. She started pre k and it was such a wonderful experience for us both. I walked her to class every day, I kissed her on the cheek, I participated in the class field trips and activities, etc.

Then 5 came. She was starting kindergarten, and only let me walk her to class a handful of times. Eventually she said, "Mommy, I want to walk myself". It was at that moment, I realized I couldn't control every little thing. Parts of my mind wandered into what would the next few years be like. Or, God forbid, the TEEN years. Would they be hard? Would she not want to be around me? It didn't matter, I'd let her embrace her individuality however it would come about.

In March, she turned 6. She's so tall, she's so beautiful, she's a big girl. But - she is still very much my baby. She's the smart girl who surpassed her reading level last year and who was put into the gifted program.

Next week she will start FIRST grade.

WOW, first grade already?

Suddenly I long for the days of diaper changing, spit up and holding a small human being in my arms all night because they can't sleep alone. I long for the days of simpler times, where we were so broke that first year, our only TV source was bunny ears on an old tv and a few chanels. I often miss that little baby, who in the realms of being caught up in stress and exhaustion I wished would grow just alittle faster.

The truth is, no matter how you look at it, they do grow fast. After the first year, the rest just goes with out say.

I think on the first day of school next week, I'll walk her to class. I may even walk her the first few days. Unless, she tells me no. I'll still drive her to school, instead of let her take the bus, because I am ONE of THOSE parents. haha.

But, as my little girl gets bigger, I myself have to take baby steps in letting her grow.

First grade already? Wow, it sure did fly.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I found some super deals!

This weekend, I craigslisted MiMi's old tinkerbelle bedding. Because it was full sized, and we had purchased all the pieces individually, and because she had only used it maybe a month (if that) before I got her into the pink stuff, I let it go for $30 - I also threw in a package of unopened tinkerbelle wall paper border.

I also sold some nice stuff at Once Upon A Child for only $11 bucks.
I WOULD NOT recommend going there if you are looking to make a decent amount of change off your gently used items. I sold a dress BRAND NEW w/ a $107 price tag on it, a hat with a $18 price tag and two of my NICE maternity dress up sets and only got 11 bucks for it. It would of been fair if the boutique dress wasn't new with tags, BUT, we are broke and we couldn't use it, SO, their win and our SEMI win lol;)

With the $40 I was stalking gymboree.com yesterday. HARD.
I was in love with the Panda Academy collection during gymbuck redemption period, but for $64 I could not afford to buy a jacket I loved, or for $46 the boots I wanted for MiMi.

Earlier this week Gymboree sent out an email that high end items were only $20.99 each. I went to the site to see the plaid panda academy jacket and the pink seude bow boots were on that list! I waited a day, then two..eventually when I decided I was going to buy them THEY WERE SOLD OUT online:( I was crushed.

I rememberd I had a 25% off entire purchase coupon they sent me in the mail and thought, Well, it wouldn't hurt to check out the mall, if anything I'll save $5 in shipping (haha).

After wasting the entire day doing nothing, we piled up around noon & headed out. I mad dashed to the jacket rack to see only THREE of the plaid jackets left. I quickly looked over them and found a 7/8!! YAY! the last one in her size left. Then I saw the boots below that, only ONE size 1!! I grabbed that also.

I pulled aside a clerk (who was very friendly and didn't seem to mind my frugalty in the least) and asked, "are these also $20.99 like the website".

When she said, "yes". My heart smiled. I knew if I got them both I would save $10 right off the bat with my 25% off card.

My grand total after taxes was $33!! It's like getting each item for $16.50 :)

Considering the retail value surpasses $100 bucks, and I can't get boots or a jacket that cheap at Wal Mart - I AM IN HEAVEN!
I am officially done clothes shopping for my little one.

I also had to hit up CVS, because I was out of dryer sheets & the mirror in my bathroom was looking filthy, so I wanted windex also. I usually get really low with coupons, but I will settle for alittle over half off.
I figured I could spent about 8 bucks for my windex and dryer sheets at wal mart, OR, I could go to CVS, use my coupons and get MUCH more for my buck.
The windex was on sale 2/6 bucks, the dryer sheets were 80 ct for 3.99
this is expensive to me, but since i was using coupons, it made it better;)
I had a $5 off $25 CVS coupon, so I bought enough stuff to hit the $25 mark, and used that coupon first.

Then I had a FREE product coupon for the herbal essence, AND the CVS body wash.
I also used a buy one get one free old spice deoderant/body wash coupon. DOUG is brand loyal to old spice deo.
I had a $1 off the purchase of 2 windex products and a $1 off bounce coupon. NOT BAD since I SERIOUSLY needed those items.

I figure I will make a few more boxes for ThredUP to earn more credits to cash in on a box for my kids and call it a night. What deals did you all score this week?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I found a new addiction (of sorts)..

I am not sure how I came across this website, but I did, and..well..


The site is called ThredUp.

It's basically a swap site of sorts. You pack boxes of your gently used children's clothing and sent it out when your box is picked, and in turn you can pick a box of clothing (by searching which best works for you) and someone sends you the box you pick.

Let me tell you a little about how it works (I am no pro, so this is my own description of the site).

Okay for starters you can start by making an account here. This is my unique referal link, and EVERY TIME you send a box, you and I earn $10 in ThredUp credits.

As a new user for the first 4 star box review you get within one month you get $15.95 in ThredUp credit. That is enough to try a box FREE.

So here is how it works, you sign up (perfect!).

Now you will list a box. You get a medium FLAT RATE shipping box from the Post Office (THEY (ThredUp) WILL EVEN SEND THEM TO YOUR HOUSE).

When I signed up they sent me 10 boxes. (the post lady dropped them off at my door).

Once you get your boxes, you can list one. What you do is roll up gently used childrens clothing (one size) and stuff the box.
My first box was some 6/6x clothing of MiMi's. I put in mostly name brands, and they were a mix of jeans, tops and a light weight hoodie, etc. I rolled them up tight so they all fit and closed it.

I took photos and hosted it on a seperate server. (No photos are necessary but it helps your box get picked faster).

In my description I would say "photos here" (with link beside it) along with the size and type of each item.

Within 2 days someone picked my box. (boxes wont list until your get your flat rate boxes from your postal carrier, request this asap).

Once my box was picked, ThredUp emailed me to inform me. I logged in and went to the link which provided me with a PREPAID flat rate shipping slip. I printed it and taped it to the flat rate box.

ThredUp set up the appointment for my box to be picked up by my mail lady.
I was impatient and dropped it off myself (I live in walking distance from the post office).

NO WORK on my part. In 3 days the recipient recieved and reviewed my box.
My first review was a 4 star, 10 stylies rating (highest you can get).

Because of this my account was credited the 15.95 first time user good review credit. I was also credited $4 for listing a low supply box.

I used that 15.95 to pick a box of clothing for my own daughter (it is currently enroute).

If you do not want to wait for credits, each box is $5 plus the $10.95 fo r shipping. Most boxes have 13 or way more items. I am frugal and don't want to pay this, so I am listing my boxes to earn credits. So far I have listed 4 boxes. - 3 were picked immediatley. My 4th I just listed tonight and I am sure it won't last long:)

If you are military be sure to let them know so you get an extra pick (you get picks when you send boxes).
For instance: I send one box, I get one pick. I sent 3 boxes, I get 3 picks, etc.

If you follow my link referal and sign up and send your first box, WE BOTH get $10. You help me, I help you :) Let's do this! We are all frugal mama's (or I atleast like to assume we are).

This ia a great way for me to get gently used kids winter coats, dresses etc, with out paying a dime. I trade my things, I pick your things - type of deal. It's totally worth it:)

If you are interested, please sign up under me here.

Happy clothing swapping!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Staining the 60's Dresser

If you remember (many moons ago) I was starting the process of refinishing a family hand me down 60's dresser.

Well today I broke out the miniwax and went to town on the drawers & sides of the dresser.
What a rich beautiful color! It is more of an espresso red in real life:)

Above photo depicts the color more accuratley. Ignore the bed being washed out by flash:)

Next time I update, I hope it is to show you the complete room reveal. I will cross my fingers in the meantime. Hope you all have had a great weekend!