Friday, August 19, 2011

Just call me lumpy..

Before I get into my title topic, what did I do tonight?

I painted. I painted the ugly closet of my daughter's that has been a HOARDER FEST OF ALL HER OLD BABY STUFF.

After watching the hoarders shows ONE too many times (haha), I realized that I could easily become a hoarder and pack rat.

I think that show saved me from doing so, because I have finally been able to let things go. SERIOUSLY.

I'll take before and after closet photos when I am all done.

What was once an off white scratched the heck up ORIGINAL 60's drywall (probably with original lead paint). Is now a pale pink.

The paint? 9 year old ice pink from my Dad's house.

It PRRRRROBABLY was NOT the best idea to paint with such old paint. It was free, it saved me 12 bucks, and it's a closet, so I didn't mind;)

My lungs may tell you a different story..

Moving along..

Just call me lumpy..
For about a month I had been experiencing sporadic sharp and shooting pain in my right side in my rib cage. It was bad.
SO BAD it would take my breath away and scare me.
BUT it came and went so fast.
I am literally talking about, snap your fingers. That is how fast it would come and go.

Because it came and went so fast I blew it off as nothing.
I mean I knew it was something, but I just figured if I ignore it - it will go away.

Two nights ago I was laying down and I felt so full. I couldn't eat without feeling full after two bites. This time the pain would radiate in my lung and back area.

I would even get it quick in the back of my head.

I thought, maybe it's a pinched artery?

This same time frame (two days ago) I happened to feel my rib on the right and thought "geez this feels swollen" I felt the left side, and it felt bigger too, but thought, well maybe it's because I am chubby.

But as I am feeling the right side again I notice it's a fist shaped lump.
I turn to Doug and I say "feel this, does this feel normal".

He eagle eyes me, and proceeds to feel my Lumpkins (haha). He says "no, it's not normal" and he also says the other side does not have this.

So I consult the google God's, but I can't seem to get an answer on my symptoms or the lump, so I gave up.

I don't have insurance and I figure if I am feeling it more or worse I'll eventually drag myself to a doctor.

Personally? I will have a heart attack seeing a doctor's bill with out insurance for one, so it would kind of rule the purpose of my going in out.

But on the real, if it's still there after my cousin's wedding in Jersey, in September I will force myself to go see a doctor.

In the meantime? I am just going to live with my non painful fist sized rib cage lump.

I will post closet photos tomorrow :) Good night, dears!!

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