Friday, August 19, 2011

I am excited :)

Starting Monday, we will have a little extra income. I feel extremely blessed to be watching my sister's best friend's little girl :)

I hate to sound cliche, but I remember days earlier, praying for something, ANYTHING in the means of income. We do not live beyond our means, and do everything ourselves to save money.

So when my sister's friend said she would hire me to watch her little one, I was ecstatic! My son will have someone close to his own age to play with and I strongly feel it will help in in areas where his speech has concerned me :) I do not know a single person with a child close to my son's age, so this is great for us all.

Yesterday I took my daughter to the store to finish up the "needed" school shopping.

The thing she was most excited about?

Hello Kitty Panties!!

haha, yep..

But, I do remember as a kid I liked to pick out the character undergarments as well. For me it was cabbage patch kids & punky brewster. I thought I was so cool.

I knew no one could see them, but I still felt cool. lol :)

So, my Dad lent me some pink paint, and I am on a mission to paint MiMi's closet tonight. clearing it out will be annoying, but my first plan of action after painting it is to move her old tall dresser in there and use that to store toys and other things.

Then I can move the dresser I refurbished in her actual room. Oh, I hate that things take so long to get accomplished sometimes, but, have to make do with the time I have.

If I am feeling extra energized, I'll attempt to finish the stain on Ethan's bed. This is really taking way too long :/ I pray I do not lose my motivation...

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