Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Of First Grade..

The time has come. First grade. It's weird, but I remember her first day of pre - k like it was JUST yesterday. I have a crystal clear image of her first teachers, how I adored them for being such a huge impact on her life. I remember her first day of kindergarten the same way. First grade was a little different. I have been babysitting and I was pushing Ethan in the stroller, carrying a bag full of the school's wishlist items in one hand and the little girl I babysit on my left hip. We waited outside for the doors to open for a good 30 minutes. My back was aching. :)

Another mom was making small talk with me (which I love, by the way because I usually look like the dorky adult that stares into space in a huge crowd). FINALLLLY the doors opened and I walked MiMi to her class room. I took one photo, yes, one lol:) With one baby girl on my hip and my son screaming like the wild child he is, I figured I did not want any evil eyes from other parents (haha), really, my son can be that wild.
Her teacher..SHE IS SOOOO SOOOO SWEET! I can say I have NEVER met someone who is so KIND, GENUINE and wears a CONSTANT smile! I have only met her twice now, but I ADORE her already. When you think of teacher's, she is the teacher you think you'd LOVE for your child to have.

One who actually enjoys the job. You know, a real people's person.. And as far as I am concerned that means a good Christmas for her;)

So, MiMi enjoys school already & I am so happy about that:)
*ahem* notice her hair? Yep, miss frugal over here (me) cut it for her:)

Enjoy your week, everyone!

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