Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I found a new addiction (of sorts)..

I am not sure how I came across this website, but I did, and..well..


The site is called ThredUp.

It's basically a swap site of sorts. You pack boxes of your gently used children's clothing and sent it out when your box is picked, and in turn you can pick a box of clothing (by searching which best works for you) and someone sends you the box you pick.

Let me tell you a little about how it works (I am no pro, so this is my own description of the site).

Okay for starters you can start by making an account here. This is my unique referal link, and EVERY TIME you send a box, you and I earn $10 in ThredUp credits.

As a new user for the first 4 star box review you get within one month you get $15.95 in ThredUp credit. That is enough to try a box FREE.

So here is how it works, you sign up (perfect!).

Now you will list a box. You get a medium FLAT RATE shipping box from the Post Office (THEY (ThredUp) WILL EVEN SEND THEM TO YOUR HOUSE).

When I signed up they sent me 10 boxes. (the post lady dropped them off at my door).

Once you get your boxes, you can list one. What you do is roll up gently used childrens clothing (one size) and stuff the box.
My first box was some 6/6x clothing of MiMi's. I put in mostly name brands, and they were a mix of jeans, tops and a light weight hoodie, etc. I rolled them up tight so they all fit and closed it.

I took photos and hosted it on a seperate server. (No photos are necessary but it helps your box get picked faster).

In my description I would say "photos here" (with link beside it) along with the size and type of each item.

Within 2 days someone picked my box. (boxes wont list until your get your flat rate boxes from your postal carrier, request this asap).

Once my box was picked, ThredUp emailed me to inform me. I logged in and went to the link which provided me with a PREPAID flat rate shipping slip. I printed it and taped it to the flat rate box.

ThredUp set up the appointment for my box to be picked up by my mail lady.
I was impatient and dropped it off myself (I live in walking distance from the post office).

NO WORK on my part. In 3 days the recipient recieved and reviewed my box.
My first review was a 4 star, 10 stylies rating (highest you can get).

Because of this my account was credited the 15.95 first time user good review credit. I was also credited $4 for listing a low supply box.

I used that 15.95 to pick a box of clothing for my own daughter (it is currently enroute).

If you do not want to wait for credits, each box is $5 plus the $10.95 fo r shipping. Most boxes have 13 or way more items. I am frugal and don't want to pay this, so I am listing my boxes to earn credits. So far I have listed 4 boxes. - 3 were picked immediatley. My 4th I just listed tonight and I am sure it won't last long:)

If you are military be sure to let them know so you get an extra pick (you get picks when you send boxes).
For instance: I send one box, I get one pick. I sent 3 boxes, I get 3 picks, etc.

If you follow my link referal and sign up and send your first box, WE BOTH get $10. You help me, I help you :) Let's do this! We are all frugal mama's (or I atleast like to assume we are).

This ia a great way for me to get gently used kids winter coats, dresses etc, with out paying a dime. I trade my things, I pick your things - type of deal. It's totally worth it:)

If you are interested, please sign up under me here.

Happy clothing swapping!

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