Saturday, August 20, 2011

My daughter's SMALL closet make over - good bye CLUTTER - hello PRETTY IN PINK & STORAGE!

When I refurbished this dresser, I knew I had to do something with my daughter's old dresser.

I knew right away what I would do. Her closet was non functional, as I had been hoarding toys and other odds and ends in it for so long that we never used it as anything BUT that :( BOO!

As you know, small spaces have limited storage.

After I decluttered THIS hot mess:

I swept and mopped and broke out the paint my Dad lent me from my sister's old bedroom & started to paint.
The paint, being 9 years old was extra strong smelling. I am going to guess most paints were strong before the odorless stuff came out?
Don't know, don't care, it was my pleasure to put the first coat of paint that closet has EVER had on it since this house was built in the 60's.
I had Doug remove the shelf (I have plans for that later).

AND I added her old dresser to the closet. Well-Doug did actually & it was a HUGE PAIN, it did not fit, he had to disassemble and re assemble it in that small space (hehe sorry, dear).

But in the end, pretty in pink prevails and her old dresser now houses toys, baby doll blankets and other clutter.
SUPER WIN!!!! Her new dresser I refurbished will house her clothing.

I LOVE making space and PRETTY on a low budget in a SMALL house!! FREE PROJECT for me!
Before:( BOOOO!!

And After:)
I seriously can't WAIT to show MiMi in the morning:)

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