Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where do I keep my couponing finds?

Randomly if I post a deal on here people usually ask where I keep everything.

I have to admit, I don't do extreme couponing like most.

Believe it or not IT DOES cost money to make a huge stock pile and I don't have the money to invest in multiple papers or worry that a product will go bad before I can use it.

And I am cheap and frugal, and it cost a lot to cloth and feed two beautiful kiddos:)

But, I like to think I save the family as much money as I can = When I can by stocking up on non perishables when on sale and with coupons!  This all takes of space of course and you know me, small house, small space! Make it happen!

I DO however extreme save. CVS is my fav. place to coupon because they offer great incentives for their shoppers.

I haven't too much couponed in a while, and that is because my closet has plenty:)

I feel blessed with what we were able to get for next to nothing with our coupons, and I like to store them in my hall closet.

This bad boy was CLUTTERED bad before. (I did not take a before photo) but I used a bathroom cart rack our old roomie gave us that was collecting dust and put it to use as a body wash/shampoo & conditioner rack.
I used the old plastic drawer bins I got out of MiMi's closet when I did her closet makeover (blog below) and used that to store toothpaste, deodorants, tissues, diapers, wipes and pinesol.
I used my top shelf for laundry detergent and dish soap (I have 20 I got for free using coupons/dish soap that is). I also put my paint on this shelf.
My middle shelf has 15 bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner that I got for 40 cent at my local Harris Teeter (note I have been buying these for MONTHS, i did NOT get them all during one sale, I'd get 5 each super doubles trip). I also use these to clean my tub :)  Then I have two 1 gallon jugs of Murphy oil soap and two reg. bottles of it (not on sale but I LOVE this stuff and it kills bugs). It also has my sewing machine and other stuff.
I think I did a good job decluttering (but you wouldn't know because I did not take a before photo, but if my below blog with my daughter's BEFORE closet is any testament to how cluttered this one could be, take it for face value) :) hhahaha! I am DONE decluttering and organizing for the night. I would paint the walls of this closet, but it's nothing fancy, if I get bored enough I am sure I will. I haven't painted the inside of the old green doors because I am gambling on getting new paneled ones next tax time as a gift to myself. Until next time, sweet dreams, friends!

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