Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why photography can be so pricey. Example of my work.

I think in comparison to other photographers, I am very cheap. I charge $50-$75 depending on the season. (Generally it's almost always $50). My fees include my time with you and your family or other subjects (1-2 or more hours) photographing.

My time does not stop there. I go home and I edit each photo which takes HOURS of my time - generally an entire night to do a full cd.

You are paying that low fee for MY TIME to photograph, my time to edit and the cd with ALL your edited images, my equipment, etc.

Most people think what I charge is high and say they will go to JC's or Wally World, etc. These places charge a session fee, in addition to a small fee for a package of prints, but to even obtain the other photos (more than one) you will be shelling out some serious cash (up to 15 per image).

And let's face it, the girl or guy is more and likely a minimum wage worker, who is over worked and frazzled and wants you in and out after dealing with children all day. They are on a limited schedule per the studios demands and don't take the time like a freelance worker does.

Now, I know this is NOT always the case, I have had a person bend over backwards in a studio once for us, when my first was a baby. But still, the images you get from a budget studio are what you see is what you get. No editing, no blemish removal, it is what it is.

So here is a little example of the kind of editing I do to show you that I take the time with EACH and EVERY image to make YOU or your subjects look fantastic. I love you! After all, for a brief moment in time, you are my art and I consider you the most beautiful thing :)

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