Monday, August 22, 2011

I love dragonflies...

If you know me, you certainly know I have an affinity for dragonflies. I have made dragonfly pillows for my couch, I have a dragonfly wind chime, a dragonfly towel hanger in my bathroom, and a small dragonfly plant pot clinger, that i put on a picture frame because I love them so much. To me they represent luck. They always have.

So last night, I was sitting in the recliner, and I hear this rustling noise. I am thinking "Dear God, please NO MICE!". I lean over to look in the candle holder only to be smacked in the forehead at 2 am, by (at the time) God only knows..

I thought "OH MY GAAAAAH, it must be a HUGE waterbug/american roach". AAAAH!

Doug rushed in to see what was the matter. Then told me it was a dragonfly. I semi calmed down, except it was flying so hard and heavy and bumping into everything it nearly gave my old soul a heart attack.

Eventually it went on the cabinet top to sleep - I guess?

The next morning I seen it chilling on my window sill:
I was wondering how to catch it - with out killing it..

Eventually I settled on thinking a glass cup with a piece of card stock paper SHOULD work..

The only glass cup I had in my cabinet was (of all things- a DRAGONFLY cup) lol, sweet irony!! ;)

I scooped him up and stuck the paper between the glass.

Of course, I had to admire him for a good 10 minutes before I actually went outside and set it free. So beautiful!!!
I think, what are the odds a dragonfly greets me at 2 am? I consider this a sign of good to come. Or if not, maybe a sign things will be okay :) Who knew a critter bug could make me smile so big today?

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