Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random thoughts

Random thoughts, er facts, or whatever at midnight:

* Why can't I sleep like a normal person. / Why do I feel the urge to clean every single thing in my home before sleep is achieved?

* My tooth is annoying me, I should really save money to go to the dentist instead of hoping it will go away. Teeth are important to me and I know better than to put it off. (It's a bad filling from a bad dentist)..

* I am so busy I have no friends to socialize with :( / My kids have become my friends (good for the time being, bad for later on?? I haven't made my mind up yet. I just know I wish I had someone to socialize with and walk with in the mornings).

* My cousin's wedding is in 2 weeks and I still haven't lost weight. (I stress eat).

* My house smells like lemon Mr. Clean, because I wanted to give Pine Sol a rest :)

* Doug is asleep on the couch. Doug ALWAYS passes out on the couch.

* My dad called me at 9 pm (I was passed out on the recliner) to ask me what the weather was like..
   He lives 10 minutes away, the weather is the same ;) lol..haha..oh geez..

* I am getting too old for my age..or maybe I think I am supposed to still have this youthful glow? Hi-ya crows feet..Oh, you're a sign of a happy person? hmm, okay just delay the grays a bit longer:)

* It's still too hot and humid in my city, but atleast it is cool in the mornings. THANK YOU, MAN UPSTAIRS!

* I am going to be 29 in November and I STILL get a random pimple. The heck?

* I miss my sister... A LOT

* Do apple's really not fall far from the tree?

* Is it wrong to religiously watch the Jersey Shore & Teen Mom at my age?

* My lawn needs to be mowed, the hedges need to be trimmed, and I need the exercise, I should do that tomorrow.

* I STILL have not finished Ethan's room (it's been near a year now).

I think I am going to bed. Sleep well, friends!

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