Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slow progress is picking up!

Okay, the 60's dresser family hand me down I was refinishing? SUCESSSSS!

And this has taken way longer than it should have. I mean, I always start projects in the midst of another, so I blame my need to multi task on that.

Anyway, this is the second coat of stain on both dresser & toddler farmhouse bed.

The stain is Bombay Mahogany by Poly shades Miniwax.

Initially it was red, but a nice red. After a thick second coat, she's bright glossy espresso with a hint of red ting. FREAKING GORGEOUS!! love, love, love this color!

Now that my lungs burn and I had stain my my hair and face (not sure how)?? I am one step closer to completion of Ethan's sock monkey bed room make over. :D

I am pleased :D AND as always, please please please, ignore my ugly den, it's my last project in the house that I will be redoing:) And it will be a total night and day difference:) Once the dresser and bed cure I will start putting Ethan's room together. F I N A L L Y !! :)

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