Sunday, September 4, 2011

Partial Sock Monkey Bedroom Reveal :)

ooooh, this post has been a long time in the making, BUT the toddler farmhouse bed (build plans courtesy of is finally COMPLETE!!!

After building, and my finally putting the last coat of miniwax stain on last night, she's DONE!!! BEAUTIFUL!! (or I should say "he" -it's for my son). The stain is Bombay Mahogany (gloss) by polyshades/miniwax. It's red during it's first coat, but with a THICK second coat it's espresso  with a thing of red. It's seriously the most beautiful shade of stain I have seen, EVER :) It's also easy to work with. (do not be discouraged by the first coat, it will throw you off) after the second application a week later you will be in awe! It's a wonderful product to work with! I like it better than paint actually. I love that this has a built in poly gloss with the stain. EASY, EASY, EASY!!

His room has been a budget design - $60 in lumber and supplies, already had the polyshades miniwax stain on hand, bought the bedding (duvet, fitted sheet and duvet cover) for $60 marked down from $110, and made the other pillows myself. My son will be in SOCK MONKEY HEAVEN!!

Just wait until I show you the 60's dresser I have redone, it's looking brand new and modern all over again!! LOVE!!

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