Thursday, July 23, 2015

Just a few visuals

Since I've hardly updated during our transition (and working), here are a few photo to sum up what we've been up to:

(My parents begged for a new photo of the kids, so one night I just snapped this one - they're growing so much!)

Moving along...

For a while, I've chose not to post the things and goings on of our "humble" abode, and mostly out of privacy or respect for my family.  But like most things in our generation, they don't last and crumble apart.  Eventually, you find some glue along the way to pick back up the broken pieces and repair the cracks.

That being said, my children and I are moving from what has been my home for the last 11 years.  I could fight to keep the 65 rancher, but in all honesty, despite the sweat equity I put into it, I chose to just let my children's father have it.  I only hope he will refinance in just his name within the year.

I know many people have told me to fight for it, since we both own it, surely I am due equity in a sale. But to be honest, my (our) home needs a lot of work, the roof will need replacing, the siding needs to be redone, and the hardwoods need refinishing (something I could easily do myself).

I harbor no ill feelings towards my children's father, and vice versa. We are going to be as adult about this transition as possible.  He will keep and reside in the 65 rancher and my children and I are moving on with my fiancee.

While I love all things old - in homes of course.  We will be moving to the Wilmington area in a newer home.  Over the last few months we have painted it and prepared to move myself and the children. It was several months in the making - I had to make sure the decision was in my children's best interest. After weighing all options, we know this is the best for us all.

My children will be starting a new school year at a new school - which can be intimidating, but they will make it with our help.

And the next time I blog, I will be adding new DIY projects from a newer home, but non the less it will be exciting to make it our home again.

It's amazing how a person can pick up your pieces and mend them back together and have so much in common with over the last year and a half.  I'm ecstatic and nervous to start out new journey, but to be honest I haven't been this happy in a very long time.

I can't remember prior to, the last time I smiled and it was genuine, or that someone gave me the time of day and actually cared about not only mine, but my children's well being.

I am thankful.

I know God puts people in your path for a reason, and today I thank God for placing me at the right place at the right time.  The last several years of hurt have prepared me for this moment to learn to appreciate the good in other humans.  It was hard to see then how any of this would amount to anything, but I trusted God's plan and God in turn blessed me.

So, I will always love and miss Fayetteville, but I will be back here and there every other weekend for shared custody.  I'm just glad in the end we will both be able to some what get along.  And when the day comes to meet the other woman in my children's lives, I just pray she is like my sister is to her step children and I will have to put my jealousy aside and love her like family as well.

Until next time, happy blogging :)