Saturday, August 27, 2011

I hate bugs..

In about 2 weeks we will be taking the 10 hour drive up to Jersey for my cousin's wedding. MiMi will be the flower girl and she is so excited.

Why is my title "I hate bugs"? Well, we will be staying in a hotel for two days. If you know me, you know I have a slight mental issue with bugs. Particularly the kind that super infest (fleas, bed bugs, roaches, bla bla). Thankfully in my lifetime I've ONLY ever had to deal with fleas. AND I PRAY it stays that way (knock on wood).

With bed bugs being an epidemic of sorts, I am naturally paranoid about staying in a hotel that houses a different person nightly. I even found a website that tells you if the hotel you are looking into has a bed bug report ( So far no reports *whew*. I will be keeping my luggage in the car until I need to take it out. I'll hang MiMi's dress on the shower bar until it is needed to wear (which I may put on her last minute at the church so she doesn't stainit somehow in that short car ride).

I will check the matress' and behind photos hanging on the wall (Yes, I AM THAT ANAL).

I used to not give a honk about bugs, I used to play with bugs as a kid. But knowing how hard it is to eradicate bugs, I don't want to take my chances. So if anything it gives my mentality a peace of mind. ;)

I am elated to visit Jersey again. It's been a good near 3 years AND I miss it!! I think we'll only spend one day in Hazlet the rest will be in another city. I would love to visit the beach again, but I don't know if time will allow it. If MiMi wasn't in school and we didn't have to rush to get her back I'd stay the entire week.

Hopefully this summer we can go back though, I hate not being able to see my family up there. Jersey is so beautiful!

Other than that, I am glad the weekend is here and I have had some time to catch up on sleep. It's been a great but tiresome week :)

MiMi is getting another box from thredup today and that always excites me :D We have sent a ton of boxes also so earned credits to get the ones we picked COMPLETELY free! Don't forget if you sign up under me you get the $10 credit and can try a box for just $5.95 and I will get $10 credit when you send your first box:)  - Thanks to my two friends who have sent boxes and earned me $20 already:) My kid enjoyed the free clothing that we redeemed the credits on :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Trust me, I speak from experience - all you need to check is the mattress - and lift it up to check between the mattress and box spring. :-)

  2. Uh oh, I hope it wasn't too bad an experience:( You will have to fill me in lol! And Thank you for the advice:) I will def. do that and try not to have a mental health day in the process. Funny how you can handle anything but critters :) hehe