Thursday, August 4, 2011

When it rains, it pours (Financially Speaking). Nice Kohl's trip & Friendly People..

This month has been all kinds of insane as far as finances go. Without airing my dirty laundry too much, it's just been a rough 2 years. I try to remain optimistic, but often times I am a down right negative Nancy.

I coupon and buy toiletries and hygiene items super cheap when I can in bulk to save. I only shop sales for the kids and use coupons in junction with sales.

I even love consignment shops.

This month has been major hard on us financially. Like most people, we live paycheck to paycheck. We don't go out (unless it's free) our only real luxury is the internet and cable. Other than that our bills are strictly needed items.

When I get a side job I like to splurge and buy things to fix up the house on a budget. (This is why Ethan's room is still unfinished) - hate being broke;)

But we make do. Or at least I TRY.

So I won't even talk about what the man of the house has wracked up on credit debt (partly because I have never had access to his finances period). Well, my battery in my car died, then my O2 sensor went out, Doug ran up $400 going to doctor (we are with out insurance), then the man of the house got a speeding ticket after I drilled him about speeding just 2 days prior to his ticket (shakes head).

so that is another 350 in lawyer fees down the drain.
I'd rather him pay the 350 to a lawyer than the 202 and plead guilty and have our insurance sky rocket.
Sometimes I feel like all the savings and budgeting I do is in vain when stupid things like this happen.

But, I am going to be thankful it's not worse.

Things can ALWAYS be worse. And we have a roof over our heads, healthy children and we aren't in the streets. - Granted we scrimp by a lot, and neither of us adults have health insurance, things could ALWAYS be worse.

I like to think and believe God does not give us what we can not handle. Although I do feel sometimes I could go and cry for hours (and not just about finances, other things going on).

But, life is what you make of it, right?

So despite all these short comings this week, little things like this make me smile:
My parents randomly get Kohl's cards in the mail for $10 off. They generously give them to me. I usually use them toward the purchase of big ticket items, like winter coats or shoes the kids need.

Today I was in a depressed funk, and I figured I would go to Kohl's and see what I could get for $10.

I was excited to see the clearance racks had shorts and jeans capris marked down so low. MiMi desperately needed some for school, and I found these:
Capris for $6 marked down from $30 & shorts $5.20 marked down from $26
So I knew I had my $10 off card and I only had $3 to my name (yes, I really am that broke). I knew I couldn't go over $12 because that would be just enough to cover taxes (my $3) hehe.
So I got them both for $11.28 - my $10 off card = $1.28 for both!!
That's only 64 cents PER item. And this little thing has made my entire day because it's less stress for me now.

I should also mention, for the first time in a long time in this lovely city of mine, EVERY SINGLE person I encountered today was more than nice to me. The lady at the Cliffdale post office struck up a conversation and she was just so nice. I just have to say that sometimes you can be having the worst day, be totally down and out and a strangers smile and KIND attitude can totally make you feel better.

So to the random lady at the post office today around 10 am, THANK YOU. I don't know you, you don't know me, but the fact you weren't rude and the fact you weren't the typical sales person who doesn't even greet or smile, really helped me today. THANK YOU for caring enough to put a smile on my face and ask me how I was. It meant a lot. I hope your good karma catches up to you :)

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