Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i LOVE consignment sales!!

Twice a year, there is a HUGE and super awesome consignment sale in my city. Usually Fall & Spring time. I always mean to consign my children's clothing, but get caught up in something else.

I didn't really have money to go, but figured I could spare $20 and see what I could find.

First of all, I found a BRAND new WITH TAGS gymboree barn jacket, BUT Ethan would swim in it :( And If I didn't have other stuff I wanted to get, I would of bought it anyway and held onto it:) Who knows, it may still be around when the sale goes half off.

This is what I did find though:
* Gymboree hooded striped coat (for Ethan)- $4
* Gymboree bear pull over " " $3
* Gymboree train longsleeve shirt " " $2

As for MiMi, with her being older, the pickings were slim. There wasn't much nice stuff to be honest in her size, most were terribly faded or looked like they were something I wore as a child. (flashbacks).

I did find an adorable gray knit long sleeve hooded limited too sweater shirt though for $3!! It's freaking adorable on her!! Limited Too must run SMALL!! this thing is a size 12 girls! my gosh, my kid normally takes an 8 or 7, but here lately she's been in 10's (still 7 bottoms though).
PS! See how horribly scratched up my floors are in this room? This is from an AWEFUL product called mop 'n glo! NEVERRRRR EVERRRR put it on your hard woods, EVERRRR! - The refinisher that is! It is NOT compatible with ANY cleanind solution other than mop 'n glo products and it will RUIN your finish:( I used to have BEAUTIFUL hardwoods, and would use Holloway House to refinish them with a nice clear coat. For some reason the man of hte houe went cheap and bought mop 'n glo..and well, I WILL NEVER EVER EVER switch brands again. Once I ever refinish / stain them again, Holloway house will be the ONLY product I use on them. Mop 'n Glo is HORRIBLE! I have googled reviews as well and I am not the only one who has had their hardwood floors destroyed by this crap! I don't know how they are in business :( (frown)!! ANWAY..(haha, sorry)..
I think it's adorable on her! What a great fit!
(her brother was hugging her)

In total I spent $12. Not bad for some cute- like new - stuff:) Anyone have an fantastic plans for the weekend? I plan on putting the last coats of stain on Ethan's bed & dresser & PRAYING I get his room done. It's only been 2 years (sigh).

I am also going to declutter and paint MiMi's closet. Wish me luck :)

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