Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I haven't written in about a week (give or take).

Not that I am a daily blogger (as my blog suggests) oops!  ;) I did have intentions initially to do so, but as I had baby number 2 (Ethan), and as he got older, I found out real fast that time on the internet was few and far between.

The most internet action I get these days is when I check my facebook on my mobile. I rarely get comments or anything and my phone tends to time out when I try to leave a comment. I generally just browse the status feeds of whomever facebook puts on my top news feed for that moment and catch up that way.

Since my dad has been home from his heart attack, he has vowed to give up smoking. I am very proud of him (and my mom). In that my father has completely given it up and my mom respectfully smokes outside now.

This is a RELIEF. Not only for his health reasons, but it makes it SO MUCH easier for me to want to go visit and bring the kids. Before you'd get sick if you stayed too long because they smoked so much in their home.

As for my den? Well, I painted to my hearts content on the wood working until I ran out of paint.

While we did file our taxes, they have yet to come back and when they do I can purchase more paint and finish this room.

I told ya - my projects take FOREVER. :)) But, they are truly a labor of LOVE and BUDGETING:)

The kids are doing well, Ethan is finally speaking more (although he is not nearly as outspoken as other children his age). I am hoping he will pick up more, but I have learned my son is a child who works on his own pace and I can not force him or make a "great race" of my child's mile stones. When he is ready he will be ready. All I can do is encourage, use flashcards and read books and cross my fingers and pray for the best.  His pediatrician does not seem phased by it, so I hold onto positive thoughts.

MiMi is doing really well in school and received another accelerated reader award for the 2nd 9 weeks at her school's awards ceremony. She isn't so great at math (but neither am I). I have been stalking home school sites and printing math work sheets that correspond with her work in school and have been giving her the extra practice at home.

Kids these days do SO MUCH more than we ever did at an earlier age.

I suppose there isn't too much to type about at the moment, but I promise once the tax return hits us and some debts are paid off, I will update some photos of the den make over and other fixer uppers around the house on a tight budget.

I hope everyone has been well and has a blessed week! :))

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