Monday, February 20, 2012

Tile. Tile. Tile.

I AM soooo e x c i t e d !! aaaah! Seriously!! Going on the 8th year of home ownership, and all our bathroom reno's we are FINALLY getting the floors and shower walls TILED!! We bought the tile 2 or more years ago and always had to put it off due to lack of funds.  Today Doug's friend came over (who does tile for a living). He told us he would do it FREE in exchange for Doug to trade labor with him to fix his vehicle engine!! OOOOH MYYY GEEEEZ!!!

I can NOT tell you how incredibly elated I am right now!! Seriously, smiling so BIG!  I like the idea of trading skills with some one. My Dad used to do it with his Army buddies, and it saves money and gives you a chance to help and get help in return :) ooooh bathroom, I am so so so tickled pink you will finally look amazing!!

So for Saturday & Sunday our bathroom will be under demo and fix 'er up! I will be sure to post photos.
He suggested doing it in a brick tile pattern (using 12x12 ceramic tile by the way). This shall be fun!!

I feel so blessed!!

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