Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Fun Day..

My Saturday certainly started off on the wrong foot.  I woke up feeling like someone kicked me in my lower back. This has been a common occurrence anytime I get more than 5 hours of sleep. I wake up and my lower back feels horrible. It is so hard to get up and deal with the pain. It takes about 30 minutes until it passes. I don't know if it is my mattress or just me.

A couple hours later I envision myself as Super Mom and throw some clothes in the dryer. When the dry cycle completed the clothing smelled like burned popcorn not my Sparkle Blue Snuggle Dryer Sheets (boo!) and I notice the inside heating element (grate/coils) have caught fire but self distinguished.

Oh my world! So I am thankful it went out on it's own, and I am thankful the clothing did not burn up, and I am thankful for a tax return that can purchase a new cheap dryer if need be. But we are personally going to just buy a replacement coil panel first to see if that helps. Wish me luck! I'd rather use the $300 plus bucks on flooring for my den.

After all this I told the kids to throw on their shoes and we would head to a local ranch to feed the animals. We go here every so often because the kids love the critters and it's cheap and Ethan gets in free.

And, let's face it - if they are happy - I am happy!

How about this picture of my Ethan with a horse?

He attempted to kiss it, but Mr. Horse wanted his bread instead. I always cherish these moments because they make me smile. The best photos aren't posed - they are the life that unfolds before you. The life that happens while you wait for other things to happen. Enjoy each and every moment. Have a great weekend, dear readers!

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