Friday, February 17, 2012

Almost 7?!

On March 10th, my daughter will turn 7. It's hard for me to believe that time has come and gone so quickly. Initially I remember the trying times as a first time mom; how the first sleepless year drug on and on. My daugher literally never napped and I was just so exhausted it was hard to think straight most days. I had many a morning of pouring the wrong thing into the wrong cup, spilling things while in a rush and just being a constant worry wart of a mother. It wasn't until she was 3 and I was pregnant with my son, Ethan that the time just started to fly by. It was crazy!

One moment, she is a small baby who wants me to hold her and love her all the time or she'll cry. The next second, she's a beautiful girl about to turn 7 - who has impressed me more and more each year.

Many times I think, there are parents in this world that could give her more than I ever could.  I think how incredibly lucky I am to be blessed with this sweet, smart, loving and beautiful child!

That is one thing I will never take for granted. I want my daughter to know that as long as I am alive she will be told every single day how amazing she is and how much she has to offer this world with her kindness alone.

My arms (if not, my heart) often ache to hold that small baby girl with the baby lotion scent, bright blue eyes and the big round cherub cheeks once more. Rocking her to sleep, and then sleeping with her on my chest (because she wouldn't have it any other way). Then I realize, I am lucky to hold that memory captive for as long as I have a memory.

What's more? She still loves hugs from her mama, she loves to sit on my lap to read a book, she craves every ounce of my attention and yet still gives so much of her own to her little brother, Ethan. So I haven't lost much as she has aged, and have gained so much more. I've learned to love unconditionally for the first time in my life, I have learned to be selfless, I have learned that I will wear my heart on my sleeve forever now. And, I am okay with that because I have been blessed.

I pray that she will always want to be a part of my life, because she is the most important part of mine :) She has grown so much. Now I need to figure out planning a small birthday party and what to get her for her birthday. It shouldn't be hard ;)

My photo skills over the years have certainly improved:)

"Oh, time, you fly so fast, yet the blessing with time is photographs, for when our memory fails us in the bitter end, we still have the beauty of a photograph to remind us of what was, what can be, what will be and what inevitably always has been " - me :)

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