Thursday, February 23, 2012

K Mart vs. Gymboree: Gymboree knock off dress :)

I remember I used to love this line called "Ice Cream Social" by Gymboree. I never did get a chance to purchase one of the dresses I had my eye on though (it was always sold out or well beyond what I'd want to pay on eBay).

Today I went to K Mart and was pleasantly surprised at their collection of girl's Easter dresses. I liked them so much I could hardly narrow down what I wanted. I knew right away I was going to get the one that looked like a Gymboree dress.

Here is the Gymboree dress:
TOO cute, right? Well, here is the K Mart version for a $24 price tag:
The thing I like the most about this dress is it has tons of under layers, so when it is put on MiMi and tied in back it puffs out SO MUCH it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Sure, the K Mart Version has a bigger front bow, BUT it's precious beyond belief!

I let her pick out a sparkly pink dress also (for her birthday party dress). Whomever K Mart has purchasing the dresses (other clothing inventory) these days *high five* to you sir(s) / madam(s). YOU'VE out done yourselves!

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