Monday, March 5, 2012

Tiling the bathroom..

In the 65 rancher home, we only have one bathroom. Since the day we moved in 8 years ago, I have wanted to remodel it. - AND - Phase one can be seen here: Phase I Bathroom Remodel- Vanity, Light, Mirror, etc

It basically consisted of a new vanity/sink/counter, a mirror, and new light bar and LOTS of painting.

Phase II has FINALLY gone underway!  The tile I bought 3 years ago has finally been put to use.  We went with a standard tile lay on the floor and a 12 x 12 ceramic tile brick pattern lay in the shower & bath with a mosaic glass tile border (border courtesy of Doug's friend).  Here are a few photos (mind you my photos aren't too great b/c my bathroom is smaller).

Tomorrow Doug's friend will lay the remainder of the shower tile and grout it.  Then we will put the baseboards back up and touch up and re spackle the drywall that was damaged. Can not wait!

Some Before Photos:
Before: vinyl sticky tile and old 60's mini tiles
Before: Check out that water damaged stud when the tile was peeled off! THANKFULLY
that was the only tarnished stud:) - It was replaced..
After (floor, all grouted and pretty) Standard tile lay.
Gorgeous mosaic glass tile! (cut in half for border in shower)
12 x 12 ceramic tile in a brick pattern with mosaic border.
Letting this set over night then Doug's friend will add the rest of the tile and groute tomorrow.
I was skeptical on the 12 x 12 brick pattern tile lay for the shower and bath, but have to
say it has turned out amazing!!
What a difference! Can't wait until it's all grouted and finished. Adding more tile tomorrow.
I will enjoy this!

So, in short, that's what has occupied our weekend. Doug and his friend exhanged labor jobs. Doug will do his car engine and he has done our bathroom tile. I love the work he has done so far:) If you can TRADE labor with a friend, I HIGHLY recommend it! No sense in paying full price when you can trade skills! AND save money! :) I hope to post more photos as this job is completed.

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